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I think I met a lot of my goals this month, especially considering the depression and the computer crash. I lost all of my pictures. Not only did I rediscover foodporn settings on my camera, but I took quite a few landscape photos, neighborhood shots, and did lots of shots while on vacation.Pictures of Carmel, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and around Kolsbeckistan. Also, birthday bundtinis!!!! )

March Goal: Santana Row, Rose garden, possibly the nunnery. *___*

Art & Sketches

6! That's right, one more than last month! Clover & Reed, a couple Neves, and a few chibi's from the Cloudnin AU. )

March Goal: STILL need to do a series of sketches to regain my ability to draw Neve and Mara's faces without references once more.

RP Tags, Fanfiction & Drabbles

I did not do as much this month as I had hoped, but considering I lost so much when my harddrive crashed at the beginning of the month and mood was seriously down due to a bunch of things, I'm not going to beat myself up. I've had a few good posts the last month, I just have to be more consistent about getting them out.

Killer in Me
The Fandom: ANCD's Cloudnin AU
Subject: Dee & Galen
Comments: This is a rough draft, but I fricking love where this drabble is going. *___* I've been having a problem getting back into the drabble side of writing, and this proved that I can still get there.

March Goal: My monthly average will be 2 tags a week and 1 drabble a week. Will reach this goal!!!
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So last night while we were watching Dragon Ball Z Kai,* I was multitasking and viewing the latest chapter of Naruto.** Unsurprisingly the topic of the Killer family came about and a new AU was immediately born thanks to Sage's brilliance. You see, one of my favorite characters in Naruto is this magnificent bastard here, Killer B. He's the younger brother of ninja village's leader, Killer A and together they are the bestest bros EVER. Just read their tropes page guys. Killer A, Killer B, I wonder what's next? How about ... Killer Dee?*** XDD

*Trunk has finally arrived! I love how one scene was enough to cement him as omfgilovethisguy!status
***Holy crud Kol needs to buy a scanner already. Shiny's mounted camera, WHY SO MUCH FAIL?!.

Behind the cut: ANCD!Naruto AU art! One ridiculous quick outfit sketch and 3 chibis. You have been warned. XD )

Normally I'd wait to post all of this with at least a drabble, but Sage liked the chibi's so I said the heck with it and here we are XD. I guess February is RPG AU month? XD
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 Last Updated: February 1st. (Still notes around since I haven't written any fanfic yet :/

Fanfiction & Drabbles

-- cast: synopsis (date posted)


Yoko, Twelve Kingdoms (Fanime) {reference} (aka only Kol would do leather armor for a first cosplay)
Riza Hawkeye, Fullmetal Alchemist (Fanime) {reference} (aka Kol gets to point obviously fake guns at cameras and be badass)


12 in 12 Challenge
Art & Sketches

Original Novels & Short Stories

Catching Magic Rewrite #3 (starting mid February)
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I made a joke-pledge to actually draw something every day until Fanime... and I actually have been! First batch- things that have been consuming my brainmeats! FMA!AU, Jaime, and Hele/Tant :D. Pictures taken on Shiny, dubious quality because I am lazy and still fussing with the sketches X3 )

I was so sick this morning I had housemates drive me to 7-11 for ginger ale at 5AM. Tummy has settled down again, so I'm going to go back to drawing. I am not amused by your shenanigans, tummy, I was having a totally awesome dream about flying a hot air balloon to Vegas >(.

edit at 6:50: added another FMA!AU pic X3
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Another decent day today! Tickets for Vegas are had, I got some sleep after FINAL OVERNIGHT SHIFT OF THE YEAR, I received the best present ever, and I left work before regional manager showed. Not to mention BIGGEST CHICKEN TENDERS EVER. Seriously, it took 10 minutes to eat two of them.

The 10 years later art meme )
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KOL ACTUALLY SPENT TIME DRAWING & COLORING SOMETHING. I AM REALLY PROUD OF IT XDD Behold, Neve Tamar! Senshi in exile and awesomesause space-pirate, she is only two days old and I'm already drawing arts. Oh save me.  )I'm going to start posting my art I've done for the week, for all games and other stuff, over on [livejournal.com profile] xdfics .
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Was wondering how I was progressing as an artist this past year. And... well.. a lot. Things I've noticed/done/changed while drawing )

Art spam of my favorite things from the past year (well, January-November 2nd anyway) )
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I hope you don't mind, Charis, but I decided to turn the drabble prompts from way back into art prompts. Which means I've started drawing out sketches for an *actual finished piece* I'll probably have done by the end of the month. My concept sketch, second of a billion sketches. Yes. I did put Zuko in Kira-wear. MUAHAHA. I need to learn how to draw guys. This is getting ridiculous. Also: a Sokka = Shuhei pic. I was going to put him in as Renji but... um... it was too obvious? And editing to add a Toph. CANNOT STOP ME XD

In further novel procrastination, I approve of the Morning Star Veggie Bites. Downed four of the Spinach Artichoke bites earlier and they filled me up. I am amazed!

Now for dinner and then I return to my attempt to hit 10K (I'm just under 3.3, so this is a lot of work) on the novel.
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Going to start moving rpg fics & art stuff over to [livejournal.com profile] xdfics; journal needs some luff *__*. Anyway, today was my day off and I took that very seriously! Until 8, the only thing I did all day was watch 8 episodes of Criminal Minds (I had to get the dvds out to the mailbox before the mailman came, don't judge me :P) and go to Target (yay new socks!). And then I drew some stuff for a few hours, ruining my 'do nothing' streak.  )

I should probably upload the Bleach sketches I did in my notebook while I was catching up last month, but I'm super super lazy. Day off, remember? XD

Art Dump!

Jan. 11th, 2008 12:58 am
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.... TOPH ARTS YOU GUYS. When was the last time I did fanarts? For non-rpg characters? YEARS.

I like how they came out o.0;; )

I spent today drawing and writing. I did work on Chimi's personality, which really isn't broken so much as I'm in serious angst over sending her in, so I'm procrastinating about finishing her. But when you've worked on and off again on a character for so many years, you'd have separation anxiety too :0!


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