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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:United States of America
This is the mirror for both my personal & fandom livejournals. Everything from work angst, television & film commentary, and the occasional fanart can be found here.

I try to write at least 2 fanfics each month for [community profile] 31_days. You can find my 31_days fics here.

I am also working at the [profile] fandom100 table for Kingdom, found here.
My current fandoms are Young Justice, Batfamily, Naruto, and A:TLA. I am not very active in fandom these days, but I occasionally drabble ^.^;;.

My major former fandoms are Battlestar Galatica, Harry Potter, Sailormoon, and Star Wars.

You can see a list of my current fandoms and general consumed media for 2011 here
The vast majority of my time online is spent around roleplaying games. Kingdom, an original heroic-urban fantasy game, is my baby. I also play the former Senshi-in-exile, Neve Tamar, at Et Ego In Arcadia, a dark neo-noir game centered around a group of defeated Senshi mounting a hopeless fight against a tyrant Queen.

You can see all of the characters I play at the RPG Dump
I love to see people talking in comments, provided discussions stay respectful. Thankfully, my fanfiction flies under the radar these days, so I don't have to worry about moderation ;).

Pretty much, be nice & respect others and everything is awesome :D

Most of my fic and art are available for remixes (unless otherwise noted). However, I ask for a link back to the original :D.
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