Week 3

Jan. 24th, 2016 08:23 pm
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This was very much a week of self-assessment + redirecting energies. Instead of wallowing in frustration, I course-corrected + got myself back on track. Also I walked everywhere, which was nice except for the twin bruises I'm sporting on my arches XD.

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Had a much better week-- more balance between learning + pushing out the creative. I'm not talking about the job hunt here on purpose (too stressful to list things of that nature), but I have a couple leads that are promising. V. frustrated with turbotax at the moment-- I have to re-file my taxes because of an error on their part generating my return. Federal got rejected for an error that was NOT on my copy of my taxes that I printed out, so hopefully attempt #2 works. If it gets rejected again I'm just going to file with H&R block + just pay the ten bucks for the state. It was very frustrating to have my taxes get rejected for an error that wasn't of my own fault, but I think I handled it pretty well and have a new game plan financially for next month.

Week 2

Jan. 16th, 2016 10:02 am
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January weather in the south bay continues as grim skies that spit out bits of rain then hangs low in a dreary, surly ceiling that menaces our still-parched hills. I am not fond of January and it is not delighted by my presence, either; I fumble scarves and hats against the bite of wind and a block later the skies are clear and sun-clad and I am roasting and ineptly swaddled-- how does one even use a scarf, anyway?! I need to research scarf arranging tutorials because I have no idea how to work any of my fancier scarves that go with my black trench and feel the fool every time I step outside.

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It is as if the successes + misses for last week switched-- my habitat work faltered as I withdrew utterly into creativity. Course corrected too far one direction and lost sight of what worked the first week I guess! It is easy to wallow in shame over getting behind on dishes, but that does little to root out why and actually fix the situation and it certainly does not get the dishes actually clean. Week 2 is always a difficult time in any kind of lifestyle change because you aren't relying just on passion to motivate you to keep up with the changes-- you have to nurture self-discipline and you need to overcome those lazy urges that want you to just sink back into the easy path of apathy and inaction. So although this was a tough week, it was something I needed to go through to work out what is important and WHY it is important.

Week 1

Jan. 7th, 2016 11:30 pm
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El Niño has arrived, the rain both welcome and wearisome. While the precipitation is not constant, it has seemed a steady companion the first week of the year. Goodwill is eroding to the tedium of a pitter-pat drumming against the roof; I keep pushing tasks to another day rather than risk the rain. I am thankful for the rain, but I miss the ease of life beneath clear blue skies.

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All and all a very successful week at sprucing up my habitat + less so with focusing on my creativity. Next week I'm going to continue nurturing my good habits -- breakfast & vitamins every day, washing dishes as soon as I dirty them, 8 glasses of water a day-- and continue to work out how I can correct behaviors that are less helpful.
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As I've mentioned before, I prefer to make goals for the year instead of resolutions. I've had a decent track record of achieving the yearly goals I make for myself-- and I think one of the reasons is because I try to make sure that each goal is concrete, realistic, and stems from an area of my life that is important to me. My two big questions are: where do I see myself at the end of the year and how will I accomplish that vision?

This year I did much more prep work for 2016, benefitting from more free time AND the sure knowledge that how I start the year is going to set the tone for many years to come. That's why my tag for 2016 is Make It Happen. The question is-- what? What is it that I want to make happen?

The answer is pretty simple: I want to be the best me that I can be. Healthy, positive, purposeful, and passionate. So how do you accomplish that? How do you make SMART goals out of that vision?MY GOALS BENEATH THE CUT )

So that's my goals for 2016 so far. What kind of goals do you have?
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Okay whoever bought me 6 months of paid dreamwidth time, you just made my end of the year!

*rolls in icons and cries*
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Music had a major influence on me this year, from helping control anxiety to writing a lot of fiction. I got back into listening to albums in a big way once I got my imac and spent a lot of time on Pandora radio. My 3 big stations were @, @Zoe Keating, and @Missy Elliot. In addition to the music below, favorite albums of previous years that got a lot of airplay this year were Zoe Keating's Into The Trees, the Hunger Games OSTs, Daughter's If You Leave, and the rediscovery of Phantogram.

#1 ALBUM BY LISTENS MØ's No Mythologies to Follow

Contrary to assumption one might have to all the music being listed below, I pretty much just listened to this album for half the year XD. What was really interesting was how much that album led to much broader musical tastes thanks to Pandora's MØ station. Good times were had every time I put it on + I caught a lot of new artists listening to it. A+ for Pandora!

Favorite Albums/Songs for 2015

January - March
MØ - No Mythologies to Follow {Walk This Way}
The Knocks - So Classic {Classic}
Big Data - 2.0 {Clean}

April - June
Hozier - Hozier {Take Me To Church}/{Run}
Florence + The Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful {Long & Lost}
Glass Animals - Zaba {Gooey}/{Pools}

July - September
Zhu - {Faded} (ODESZA remix)
Broods - Evergreen {Everytime}
ODESZA - In Return {White Lies}
Felix Jaehn - Wild Summer 2016 {Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)}

October - December
X Ambassadors - VHS {Renegades}
Birdy - (feat. Rhodes) {Let It All Go}
John Williams - The Force Awakens OST {Rey's Theme}
Missy Elliott - Block Party {WTF (Where They From)} <-- unreleased album

Also Favs
Little Daylight {Overdose}
XOV {Animal}
Purity Ring {Fireshine}
CHVRCHES {By The Throat}
Ghost Loft {Seconds}
Major Lazer (feat Wild Belle) {Be Together}
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When I started reviewing 2015, I was still mired in the pains and losses. I've been unemployed for a quarter of a year and have been quite ill for most of it. Humidity tried to kill me when I went back east in September. One of my step brothers nearly died + has severe deficients after a seizure/heart attack/stroke in the span of 3 days. We had to put one of our dogs, Bear, down in April after he developed a sudden & debilitating illness. On paper, 2015 should be firmly in the bad column.

But damned if it wasn't an amazing + powerful year!

I had a handful of goals for 2015-- I don't do resolutions because they tend to be generic + too easy to dismiss because you don't really take them seriously. But goals are things you can turn into actionable tasks you + actually DO. Here were my goals for the last year:

  2. get hair cut
  3. go to Disneyland
  4. take a decent facebook picture
  5. eat lots of good food
  6. cry over new Star Wars movie
  7. get out of VS
  8. go visit awesome people


Avoiding Hospital: Which is pretty impressive since I've been sick pretty much straight on from October with everything from infections to NASTY bronchitis that had be bedridden pretty much Thanksgiving -> Christmas. I attained this goal by luck, vitamins, and listening to my body and a very understanding GP. Huzzah for COBRA benefits!

Get hair cut + take a decent FB picture: HAVE YOU SEEN MY HAIR IT IS SO CUTE. I started the year in a pretty bad state & hadn't had my hair cut in nearly a year. It was a massive confidence drain + was causing headaches. In April I finally summoned the courage + contacted my old stylist and got it all chopped off. LOVE IT. FREEDOM!!!

Disneyland: Gina + I went to Disneyland with her parents in February! I cried a lot and took tons of pictures I never uploaded, oops.

Eat Lots of Good Food: Best food was probably an unholy tie between Wawa's Pretzels + Ru's Wedding Sliders. Close #2 was the soup I made last week-- garlic chicken with coriander + curry.

Cry over new Star Wars movie: I have seen it 3 times and cried every time. T_______T so many feels

Get out of VS: YES I DID IT!!! NEARLY TEN YEARS AND I GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!! My last day was the end of August and honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. Sure, being out of work is not ideal, but I'm under no artificial stresses + got to have a holiday with my family, which is a priceless gift. NO MORE RETAIL FOR THE KOLSTER EVER AGAIN

Visit Awesome People: Feb: Gina's parents (DISNEY); June: 4th Street (Angie + awesome writer peeps); September: Annie/Scott/Charlotte (DC), RU'S WEDDING OMG (NC), CASA DeRP/Angie/Pixie (PA), SURPRISE CAMPING WITH MY PARENTS + BROTHER (Backstate NY); December: CAT SITTING ARMAND (what that totally counts, Armand is amazing). I was pretty much on the east coast the entire month of September and it was such a blessing to be able to not only see my brother again, but to also see both the nephew + niece I had never met!

So even with all the awfulness that happened, I'm still ending 2015 in a really good place. My self-confidence is blooming, I've achieved important things, and I know what I need to do on the next steps on my path to being an even better me. Which at the end of the year is a pretty awesome thing to be able to say I think :D
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So November is finished and I have no idea what just happened but okay I guess?

NANOWRIMO: I'm not sure where I am on the year for GYWO (lots of journals, multiple computers, AND gdocs), but I did manage 55,755 words in November between subnatural + a terrible Loni bleach!au work. current status: XD where are my marbles words

YULETIDE: I am terrible and haven't actually written anything yet (although I have a pretty long outline!). current status: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HUNGERGAMES: the last movie messed me up, BAD. It was a good movie, but certain scenes were dramatically amped up by current events and I just left the theater feeling profoundly wounded. current status: T0T READ ALL THE MADGE FIC TO MAKE ME BETTER

SLACK CHAT: current status: <3

Even though I am totally unprepared for it and SWEAR November just started yesterday, December is promising to be pretty darn epic (STAR WARS BE STILL MY HEART) but I seriously need to stop being sick so I can get stuff done already.
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Apparently every month but September there is a movie coming out that I'm interested in watching.

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So earlier this month I had a computer snafu that left me having to re-install my operating system on the iMac. I lost all of my files on the Regency project because although I had backups, I hadn't backed up anything since *May.* Sigh.

The good news is the loss hasn't been total and I've been writing up a storm during this phase of unemployment. Beneath the cut are some snippets of things I've written the last couple of weeks. 2 & 1/2 are from original pieces, but the other 2 are from Kingdom & a re-write of a Dee piece from 2007.

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I'm working on too many things. A couple years ago I had run out of stuff to work on, but now? Every day during my writing time chunk I am paralyzed by new shiny ideas in yet ANOTHER project. helpme

  • Contemporary
    • Suds (A Soapy Romance): in which our soap opera writer feuds with the star. 2nd draft mostly finished in 2010; needs to be modernized. VERY viable for selfpub
  • Regency
    • Tempting Scandal (aka That Crazy Estate Party Part 1): 75% outline drafted, needs more tinkering with last arc & lots more setting research (possible 2015 Nano)

  • Hearts Delight: the combined world of 2012 & 2013 Nanos, in which Bay Area supernatural gets a chance to shine. Have half of first novel outlined & a bit of the second; 2 short stories in the maybe pile. Viable for selfpub (possible 2015 Nano)
  • Necessities Cycle: woman falls into parallel world... the catch is, it is a technologically advanced place and America never existed. Needs waaay more worldbuilding & character work, might work better as a short story (possible 2015 Nano)
  • Subnatural: I started this in 2005 when I was still working at the movie theater (yes, this is the story with Pan the bartender & crows following the MC everywhere); bits have been spun off for other projects (The Wishes Nano, the 1906 earthquake bits into Stomping Out Sparks). I don't know how but this verse has taken over my head and I have a novella I'm working on now, a whole cast of characters, and ample plots for more, in the span of like, a week. Not bad for a project I haven't actively touched in five years XD. Viable for selfpub (possible 2015 Nano)

  • Catching Magic: 2nd draft abandoned; needs stronger male POV & more depth to Gwendolyn besides just being "nice." This is the project were magic is based on string theory :3
  • Powers: Kol's crazy superpowered kids get tossed into prison & have to work together to break out, aka 2011 Nano. Still have ideas for the verse, but the characters were terrible

  • Markdown: aka my space opera sprawling verse, including 2010 nano The Catalyst. Which yes, I did lose the manuscript in a harddrive crash T____T. Have some short story ideas, but they all need work

  • In Pursuit of Misfortune: I will be 100 years old when this is done. His Company of Havoc & The Long Reach of War are the first two; HCoH is a novella & LRoW is technically book 1. I have probably written a million words on IPOM already and still no viable draft or finished world XD

  • The Mercies: Bleeding Mercy has a finished 1st draft and an abandoned 2nd; I write well for the genre but researching & writing the gore makes me sick, so I don't think I will finish this. I love Monica, might see if I can spin her into HD or figure out a way to have her fight crime without being in the BAU & profiling serial killers T___T

  • Hunger Games AU
  • Kona & Eli being ridiculous (wrote nearly 3K today in this alone)
  • stupid Naruto AU, esp Mara & Deon
  • Lynn & Reed story I've been tinkering for Fly

  • I wrote more in the stupid Naruto AU save me
  • imighthavewrittenaharrypotterau thingtoosomeonestopme
  • re-tweaking old stuff like this one from 2007, to see if I can take Dee into the new setting.

  • I had mad VR feels today & I realized it would be pretty easy to take some of the stuff I have for Terrie & Will and turn it into an angestfest novella, esp since Loki wins
  • LOST SENSHI: I started writing a stupid LS!DragonAge!AU because of Sage. TOTALLY BECAUSE OF SAGE.

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I slept in my own bed for the first time since the 7th and it was absolutely glorious.

It was a dear vacation, and meeting Ru & being overwhelmed by how precious and perfect her wedding was could alone made for a memory I will never forget. Extending the vacation was the perfect decision, as I got to enjoy more time with Angie & Pixie and ended up camping in backstate NY with my parents for nearly a full week. First meetings were shared with Ducky, who is the most charming baby of all time, as well as a niece and nephew who were both wonderful in their own ways.

Yet for all the memories & grand experiences, it is so very nice to be properly home and settled in. There is a job to find and words to write, and none of that was happening while we were camping without wifi.

There will be a proper write up of the vacation, along with ridiculous pictures, but until then, I leave you with what I learned on this vacation: humidity can go die in a fire.
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Sent in my request off for Ru's wedding in September!
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BB8 IS THE CUTEST THING OF ALL TIME I AM CRYING RIGHT NOW. Also I think we are going to end up with this year having Star Wars and next year having Star Trek. THIS IS THE PERFECT BALANCE OF KOL STAR LOVE <3. The Jurassic World tears, btw, are 100% raptor bike gang.


  • Oregon: May? Still trying to go up & see my dad.
  • 4th Street Fantasy: June 25-28th, Minnesota, with Angie :D. BEST CONVENTION EVAH!
  • Ru's Wedding: September, North Carolina/PA & possibly DC too. SEE ALL THE PEOPLE, CRY ALL THE TEARS. Also probably give everyone their christmas presents, I am the worst at mailing things.
  • DISNEYLAND?!: October. Because my heart longs.

  • KINGDOM: aiming to get POVs back & start tags again
  • Hearts Delight: Chains & Seeds verse, currently outlining.
  • Necessities cycle: Mired In Fortune-- new project, woman falls into parallel world... the catch is, it is a technologically advanced place and America never existed. Currently doing all the worldbuilding and teasing out the plots!
kol: keys to the soul (Keys (ANCD))
fandom: ANCD’s Cloud Keep AU
cast: Dee, Galen (+ mention of Julian)
prompt: 31_days, “tiny little erosions”
note: So I wrote the draft zero for this way back in 2011, but when I was showing off the accompanying chibis I’d done for the piece, I realized I never got around to finishing this story and decided it was high time to get this in the can!

some naruto terms )


I thought I’d do you a favor— you know rummaging around in my insides is the only action you’ve seen in weeks. )
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It has been one thing after another this month.

We lost Bear the first Saturday of April. One of my uncles had an experimental eye surgery that has been successful, but could have left him blind. Then my step brother had a seizure the second Saturday of the month.

While they were working on him they discovered a brain bleed. To combat the pressure on his brain they drilled out a piece of his skull. He was talking on Sunday morning and being his feisty self to the nurses… then he had a heart attack Sunday afternoon and hasn’t been conscious since. They’ve found 3 blood clots, including one by his speech center. His heart has stopped 4 times in 2 days, but he is a fighter and he’s come back each time (obvs with the help of his awesome doctors). They are currently operating on him to take care of as much of the blood clot mess as they safely can– I have a lot of faith in his 5 neurologists.

It is terrifying that he has 5 neurologists. I call them Keith’s gaggle, for lack of a proper term for a group of neurologists. Him having a gaggle of doctors is funny, makes the reality a little easier to cope with.

Most of my thoughts are on the past these past few days. We shared a lot of firsts growing up, and a storm of adventures horrifying to those who have never grown up in a house of addicts. For all the toxicity we were exposed to, though, there are a hell of a lot of good memories.

The one that cycles most through my mind is the summers I was 9 & 10, hanging out on the roof above the deck at the apartment our parents shared. It was months of watching the twins horse around on the roof, me timidly perched on the window ledge, jealous of the twins bravery, desperately wanting to join but feeling so afraid of falling. But Keith harassed me, would not stop until I joined him and his brother. Once I was over the edge there was no going back.

I feel like I’m back on that ledge, 23 years later, only I’m doing everything I can do to get Keith to grab my hand and be pulled to safety.

I admit I’ve been jealous of Keith over the years- he’s the proud father of 3 beautiful children, he knows who he is, he’s fought through so much of the bullshit we were mired in growing up.

No one deserves this, especially someone who has fought and beat so many of their demons. But life is not about fairness, it is about survival, and at the end of the day that is the only thing I can cling to.

All I can do for Keith is pray, take care of the family, and hope like hell for a perfect storm of medical miracles to get him through this.

April has had enough fucked up things happen. It is time for some birthday magic to kick in… any time now….
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So progress at Camp Nano has been pretty good so far! I've had 3 writing sessions and seem to have eased back into the regular writing routine. My first writing session was at Panera with Sage-- who gave me a freaking amazing short story idea that I'm running away brainstorming with. The other two sessions have been expanding Hearts Delight (the new verse that has developed once I realized Chains and Seed take place in the same universe).

The goal for this month is 25,000 words across all projects; right now I'm at 2,844 words, slightly over 11% of goal. If I can continue with the current rate of progress, I'll be right on track to catch up with my GYWO total by mid-May :D
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Books Read

I needed some Polgara in my life :3

New Things

  • Purchased THINGS to help manage my ever growing todo list. I used THINGS in the past to much success, and I'm confident having the list so easily managed will help with crossing things off.
  • Purchased a George Foreman Grill last week. Holy cats this thing is amazing for grilling asparagus!!!

Happy Birthday Month!

And thus begins the month of putting myself back together again! April historically is a good month because I get so excited for my birthday it infuses the rest of the month with awesome energy and positive vibes :D. ANYTHING can be accomplished in April!

I actually started the month off asleep-- had pretty annoying insomnia the last few nights, so I crashed after work (7:30pm-1am) and I've been taking care of some business and housework ever since I woke up. And I'm pleased to report that after 2 months, I've fully paid off both the iMac & the new phone :3.
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The common thread of anxiety the past few years has been what I want to do with my life. I have never understood ambition-- what drives me is not success in the traditional sense, as I have no urge to be "the best" at anything. My dreams are friendships and warmth and enjoying the good things in life-- achieving joy with others is the closest I can conceptualize success. Even in terms of a writing career, my aims have always been to make people feel, to have an impact (hopefully positive) on their lives, to fabricate stories that connect me to the greater world.

I've always felt I am here to do good in this world, and for me, that good is my words. I've never felt a stronger calling-- I've had good ideas for projects, like creating an organization to train & support female developers in Silicon Valley, but I've never had the drive or the will to actually bring that project into fruition. But with my words I can, from miles away, bring smiles to people's faces, be a support system when their days have gone wrong, entertain my loved ones with diversions when they just can't cope any longer. To me writing is a two part solace-- not just therapeutic in me writing it, but also in those who read it. I'd make a shitty shrink, but maybe my words can do the healing I'm incapable of doing.

So putting together a path to achieve my writing aims has always been difficult, and often led to stepping on complacency mines. Developing Kingdom and the community that sprang up has been one of the greatest achievements I can claim, but I did a lot of wrong there, and masked it under good intentions. The mine here was being comfortable, with fearing challenges, with fearing change. When things started to slow due to neglect, then came the delusion that everything was okay, blissfully ignoring all the signs as the community drifted away.

Hiding in false comfort in the face of things wasting away is a reoccurring problem for me, because when things get stressful, my tactic is to avoid. To hide. To ignore. To pretend everything is perfect. It is a terrible adaption technique I am still working to excise from my life, and has singlehandedly held me back from so many damned things I cannot possibly count them all.

Complacency mines are hard to avoid because they are near impossible to see except in hindsight. We understand the familiar and oftentimes strive for easy, but this does no justice for our futures. Achieving our dreams takes a lot of hard work and very little comfort-- you need to be capable of wanting more, and complacency mines are frequently your mind being terrified to want anything else. To view yourself as worthy of the challenge. To even be aware there is a challenge to be had.

I lost my drive in 2010, could no longer feel I had any sort of a future at all. I spoke often of no longer having dreams, but rarely of the terror that brought. And in my struggles against depression and now anxiety, I lost the awareness that I could be anything more. I lost sight of what is important to me-- in fact it could be argued that I had lost sight of who I really was. Because when I am healthy, I can see that I am a writer before I am woman or Giants fan or anything else. I am a bearer of words and giver of feelings and it is from that spring that I can do great things. I can be great. I am great.

Writing challenges often are complacency mines for me while I am battling depression-- I can reach word goals with more ease than others, but it is difficult for me to share my words with others when I am not healthy. I can pat myself on the back for achieving a raw number of words at the end of the day... but what does that actually mean for my greater goals? How is this impacting the world, when I am terrified of opening myself up for others to see what the suffering of my soul on paper has brought forth? Writing has lost most of its native joy these last few years, and yet still I persisted. I kept writing, because it was the way I could keep my head above water and pretend everything was okay, when in fact I've been sick for a very long time. The struggle kept me real, kept everything okay.

Since 2010 I have lost my courage and my conviction. I have lost my fire and my drive. I have lost a large portion of my creativity. I have lost friendships and many vital connections to the world, ones that I have no idea how I will ever replace and ache for daily. I have lost so much of the fabric of who I am that sometimes I wonder if I can ever truly be whole again, if it is really worth trying. I have lost my voice and my faith and my joy, and still I write. The words are horrible misshapen things unfit for any eyes, lingering in my mind when my fingers cannot bear to commit them to paper. Still I create, because I am a writer even if the good words have left me. Even if I rarely view myself as worthy of them.

So answering what do I want to do with myself is deeply loaded and not easily answered by a job or to achieve a career benchmark. I cannot make a five year plan, because that itself would be another road filled with complacency traps. What I want to do with myself is to share joy with my writing, but I cannot do that until I have accepted that I deserve to be healthy. That I am worthy of the calling a part of me has always known I've had. To accept there are no bad words, only the words I am capable of forming in that moment because they are the truth as I experience them, that the depression lies and they are not as terrible as it would seem. That they have every bit as much a place as the so called good words, because they are part of who I am, and that is a glorious and worthy person!

So to answer that question? What I want is be healthy and let the words sing across pages to the hearts of others. To inspire changes in the lives of people I will never meet. To make my friends smile on their worst days. To make people feel with the touch of my pen to paper. To live a life of joy and words.

So no, I'm not a traditionally ambitious person. But damned if that isn't pretty heady stuff!
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Books Read

Additionally I read a lot of fanfiction this week. I have no idea how that happened, but I have no regrets because I found a lot of interesting AUs people have put a lot of hard work into, which made me feel better about a couple of my own works.

Games Played

Played a bit more of Don't Starve this week! I am terrible, largely because I went in blind without doing any research, but Sage has been helping with some good suggestions, so I'm hoping to survive my first winter this week. I had a great run as Willow going actually, only to be killed by tentacle in the depths of winter on a mission to collect reeds for a bird cage-- and then promptly respawned too far from flint or basecamp & died for good of cold. Tried a run as Woodie after and couldn't figure out how to get out of werebeaver mode-- died as the beaver and was immediately killed again by hounds. I have no luck XD. I also watched a couple play throughs so I have a better idea of the mechanics. Still no idea how to get out of werebeaver mode though, so I might have to actually visit the wiki :3.

TV SPORTS I freaked over

I bought a premium MLB.TV subscription & have absolutely no regrets! I've watched 2 games from 2013 & have started watching all our wins from 2014. I forgot how beautiful our early run was-- we faced 3 different teams for opening days and trolled them all. Oh Giants <3

Adventures Yet To Come!

Going to a book club meeting later today and am going to totally get an appointment scheduled for my much delayed hair cut. IT IS PAST TIME.

In Retrospect

I fought awful allergies & a lot of fatigue this last week, which led to taking naps after work that have wrecked my sleep cycle. Take Monday for example-- I slept from 9pm-12am (woke up briefly to inform Pixie I had fallen asleep on her in the middle of sending Giants videos) and now I am wide awake and showing no signs of giving into sleep for at least another 3 hours. At least I have today off? XD I'm going back on vitamins and will be resisting the urge to nap this week, so hopefully that will help normalize things.

I wish I was allowed to work out, but I'm still banned until the allergies & foot pain settle down. :/
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