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When I started reviewing 2015, I was still mired in the pains and losses. I've been unemployed for a quarter of a year and have been quite ill for most of it. Humidity tried to kill me when I went back east in September. One of my step brothers nearly died + has severe deficients after a seizure/heart attack/stroke in the span of 3 days. We had to put one of our dogs, Bear, down in April after he developed a sudden & debilitating illness. On paper, 2015 should be firmly in the bad column.

But damned if it wasn't an amazing + powerful year!

I had a handful of goals for 2015-- I don't do resolutions because they tend to be generic + too easy to dismiss because you don't really take them seriously. But goals are things you can turn into actionable tasks you + actually DO. Here were my goals for the last year:

  2. get hair cut
  3. go to Disneyland
  4. take a decent facebook picture
  5. eat lots of good food
  6. cry over new Star Wars movie
  7. get out of VS
  8. go visit awesome people


Avoiding Hospital: Which is pretty impressive since I've been sick pretty much straight on from October with everything from infections to NASTY bronchitis that had be bedridden pretty much Thanksgiving -> Christmas. I attained this goal by luck, vitamins, and listening to my body and a very understanding GP. Huzzah for COBRA benefits!

Get hair cut + take a decent FB picture: HAVE YOU SEEN MY HAIR IT IS SO CUTE. I started the year in a pretty bad state & hadn't had my hair cut in nearly a year. It was a massive confidence drain + was causing headaches. In April I finally summoned the courage + contacted my old stylist and got it all chopped off. LOVE IT. FREEDOM!!!

Disneyland: Gina + I went to Disneyland with her parents in February! I cried a lot and took tons of pictures I never uploaded, oops.

Eat Lots of Good Food: Best food was probably an unholy tie between Wawa's Pretzels + Ru's Wedding Sliders. Close #2 was the soup I made last week-- garlic chicken with coriander + curry.

Cry over new Star Wars movie: I have seen it 3 times and cried every time. T_______T so many feels

Get out of VS: YES I DID IT!!! NEARLY TEN YEARS AND I GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!! My last day was the end of August and honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. Sure, being out of work is not ideal, but I'm under no artificial stresses + got to have a holiday with my family, which is a priceless gift. NO MORE RETAIL FOR THE KOLSTER EVER AGAIN

Visit Awesome People: Feb: Gina's parents (DISNEY); June: 4th Street (Angie + awesome writer peeps); September: Annie/Scott/Charlotte (DC), RU'S WEDDING OMG (NC), CASA DeRP/Angie/Pixie (PA), SURPRISE CAMPING WITH MY PARENTS + BROTHER (Backstate NY); December: CAT SITTING ARMAND (what that totally counts, Armand is amazing). I was pretty much on the east coast the entire month of September and it was such a blessing to be able to not only see my brother again, but to also see both the nephew + niece I had never met!

So even with all the awfulness that happened, I'm still ending 2015 in a really good place. My self-confidence is blooming, I've achieved important things, and I know what I need to do on the next steps on my path to being an even better me. Which at the end of the year is a pretty awesome thing to be able to say I think :D
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