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So earlier this month I had a computer snafu that left me having to re-install my operating system on the iMac. I lost all of my files on the Regency project because although I had backups, I hadn't backed up anything since *May.* Sigh.

The good news is the loss hasn't been total and I've been writing up a storm during this phase of unemployment. Beneath the cut are some snippets of things I've written the last couple of weeks. 2 & 1/2 are from original pieces, but the other 2 are from Kingdom & a re-write of a Dee piece from 2007.

one. I need to give Subnatural a better name, geesh

“Cameron is a ridiculous name.”

“I’ve had worse, trust me.”

“Seriously, no one over two thousand years should go by a name like Cameron. It’s just… wrong.”

“If it helps, most people call me Cam.”

“That makes it worse.”

two. ANCD, re-write of a Dee drabble from 2007

His eyes, though, they shared a particular madness with her own, a recognition that went beyond fellow Angelic and right in to eons of care-taking a girl who always ended up on the stabby end of countless revolutions. Oh yes, he remembered— swords and plagues and deaths that spiraled beyond his control. Her deaths were always an affront to his healing skills; strange it had never occurred to her.

three. Oh Eli

“I know the state of my trousers is alarming, but I wouldn’t have thought they’d leave you speechless.”

four. You are not helping Kona at all

The entire trip, Kona was on edge. What if I shift away from him— no, he’d notice, and want to know why I suddenly thought he was a leper. She had to control the urge to jiggle her leg, as was her habit when she was nervous— Eli would comment on that too, and probably figure out what was going on in her rattled head with one look at her overly heated face and call her the fool that she was.

It didn’t help that Eli seemed unaffected by their proximity. He was staring out at the waters below for most of the trip, a faint smile on his lips. She wondered what he was thinking about— a small, hateful voice just knew it was all the tail he was going to get on this trip— but she could hardly breathe, much less keep up a conversation. The heat roasting off of him was overwhelming, and the only motion Kona trusted herself enough to do was keep fiddling with the overhead air.

“A little hot, Kona?” He finally offered, just after the flight attendant announced they’d be beginning their descent soon.

“I don’t do well in planes,” Kona lied through her shiny white teeth.

“Well it should all be over soon, we’re almost to Hawaii.” Eli smiled, looking back at the window… but not before patting her knee in a comforting fashion.

Her very naked knee.

Kona was going die, and they weren’t even on the island yet.

five. Suds (I picked 2 because I am a rebel)

It had seemed like a good idea at the time. The worst ideas always did. It took time, and Murphy’s Law, before the worst ideas were revealed for what they really were.


The light loved him.

No, it didn’t just adore him. It worshiped him, wrote mad love poetry in the late hours of the night and showered him with roses in the day. It transformed a passably handsome face into something worthy of hanging in the museum for the most handsome men alive. In good lighting, Patrick Hennelley assaulted you with his beauty. His was the perfect face for the camera.

And that perfection was staring right at her.

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