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I spent the entire episode squeeling and sniffling. It really felt like a series finale. In fact, if the show had ended there, I would have been totally satisfied, because it set the perfect tone and, well, my favorite characters were still kicking. Which, I have a feeling won't be true of the actual series finale. So my big fears about us not getting a backend of the season due to the strike? Totally not justified.

As for the episode:In which Kol raves and lurves and omg, I love my show. I LOVE IT.  )

I could go on rambling, but in short.. I love my show. I'm so happy I waited until I felt better and could have the energy to sit through that. <3!!!!

Bleach commentary parts 3-6 should be up tomorrow and Thursday. I had to go back and rewatch about 15 episodes, but it was worth it. I'm going to start reading the manga while I read the filler, because I've been informed the awesomeness of Matsumoto fades in the filler, and she's one of my favorite characters so I can't be having that.
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Title: Numbed Depths
Fandom: BSG
Challenge Fic: For 31_days (LATE I KNOW) from Apr. 11's prompt, On usefulness and the passage of time . Takes place before Lee visits Kara. I'm giving up on the fic and just want it up already, efforts to make sense be damned XD

Lips press against skin, softness scraping across the dry and cracked lines.  )
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Yesterday gave many presents to balance out power outage and the raspy!voice of sick.

BSG started it off, with the revelation of an April airdate (yes, it is returning on my sister's birthday-- too bad she's not a fan!) as well as a clever re-working of the Last Supper that has the theorist in me salivating. I have a feeling said picture is going to inspire a lot of fics ;).

Avatar gave a huge finale, complete with firebending, when YTV aired the 13th episode of the third season. And, naturally, as Santa Clara California is *so* part of Canada, I watched it. Um. Totally legally. ;).

Spoilers! And Screencaps! )
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Title: Even The Dead Can't Escape Destiny
Day/Theme: Day Three, Losing Streak
Series: Battlestar Galactica
Character/Pairing: Kara Thrace
Rating: Gen

Kara was at the sad end of a life long losing streak. )
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Yes. New ficjournal. I'm moving commentary on TV shows over to this journal too; all personal stuff is going to stay on lainiekins :D. But before I head out for the night, some bits on BSG:

BSG Manifesto )
BSG Meta on Airing, Finale, WGA Strike, & Faith )


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