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I gave it some thought, and I decided I needed to start over with Sparkpeople, going back to stage 1. I've had some good momentum, but there are still some issues I have to work around, particularly with the overwhelming cravings I have every night. I had to hold onto my desk chair with my hands to keep myself from running to Walgreens last night. So, starting over, and pretty excited about it!

Aunt had her doctor's appointment today! It went well-- her doctor called her a rockstar for her recovery! The stitches in her eyelids came out, and the bruising has settled to a calmer, deep brown against her skin. She's still super sore and extremely swollen, and just going down the stairs & out to the doctors exhausted her so much she's completely konked out. I'm going to head out to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for tonight's dinner, and she probably won't even realize I'm gone XD.

Her heart has been giving her a lot of problems, though, so we have to keep things very calm. Showing her D*ck In A Box was probably not too good for her heart, because woman was HOWLING.

I <3 my secretly dorky Aunt. XD


Apr. 5th, 2009 06:58 pm

It took three months of struggle, defeat, guilt-driven face stuffing, two months of Diet Pepsi quiting/relasping/quitting, a whole lot of McDonalds, gym flings, Magnesium + Vitamin Fun, a return to salad glee, banana + protein shakes = OTP, 2 incidents of Cadburry Eggs gorging, Slimfast funz, IKEA furniture building, and three days of running up and down stairs while taking care of my aunt, but I am finally out of the 180s again! IT FEELS SO GOOD!

It is rather humbling to admit I still have a long way to go, but hopefully the next ten pounds will not only be less excruciating to drop, but will help me stop looking like I'm preggers. Because really body, store some fat somewhere else!

Anyway, I've been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures (including today's long walk that took me to Ducks and a Monastery), so expect a photo spam entry in a few days, along with unbirthday prompt request entry <3.


Mar. 21st, 2009 10:00 pm
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Every inch of the apartment has been gone through, and still no camera. Good thing I haven't tossed any of the garbage bags yet, right? XD BSG finale thoughts later, because right now, apartment squee times! Guess what I did over the past 48 hours? :DD

(click for larger w/ text :D) Desk Dismantled! ROCK ON! )
Apartment TODO remaining: )

Meanwhile, after Friday's easter candy relapse (they had Cadbury eggs! ON SALE! I ate FOUR IN A ROW!), I had a pretty good 'diet' day, diving into two delicious salads (mmmm grape tomatoes!) and not going over my calorie totals. I love days off, so much easier to stay on the 'diet' :D.

Now there's an episode of Venture Bros with my name on it...
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Anyone have experience with magnesium deficiencies? Mum's convinced* that's causing my recent non-allergies health issues, and after a short googlefu & nutritional information hunting, I discovered I only ingest between 3-20% of the daily intake**. Further Kol Dietary Fail.

Even if I don't have a magnesium deficiency I need to get that level up so I don't have problems in the future. And since March is unofficially Operation Defatting By Full-Scale Diet Attack, I am implementing Project: Eat More Magnesium & Protein Rich Foods and am throwing up this entry to suggestions on how to inject both into my diet (yay recipe times!).

Three things to note: I'm on a budget, cooking is limited to Toaster Oven/Microwave/Electric Skillet/Crock Pot, and I have a lot of really lame food sensitivities.*** I love cooking experiments, though, and if you guys challenge me I promise to post results! Remember the edible shepherd's pot pie made using only the microwave? XD

post footnotes & why last night was not a good night XD )
Still no keys! Mum thinks I slept walked and tossed them in my fridge, and just to be sure I even looked there. But... no dice.

Trainer Time! )

I've got to fix up the apartment since I seriously destroyed it hunting keys down and then I'll be on tonight. I tried [livejournal.com profile] happypickle's idea with the flashlight and only found 58 cents. But that's 58 cents that I didn't know where they were before!
... I joined a gym today and got cupcakes from [livejournal.com profile] ren_sama! BEST DAY! BEST DAY!

While we were Smart Final-ing, I picked up these today and actually used one for left over veggies tonight. Go me! I thought post 60 minute jog/walk on the treadmill would be a great time to officially kick off the "Return to Operation: Defatting Diet" tonight with very tasty results. I need to figure out sneaky ways to up my protein numbers-- I have to have at least 60g a day to keep Sparkpeople happy, and I barely managed 40 today!

Anyway, for those interested in what I do for Operation: Defatting, I made a little guide.
Step One: Sparkpeople-ing/Nutrition tracking )
#2: Burn off and or cut off 500 calories a day )
#3: Weigh Myself once a week & take measurements once a month )
#4: Complain about progress on LJ )
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It has been a weird day. Have felt very much as if I'm slowly paddling to the shallows to rest before the category five rapids just ahead. Yesterday averted two Leonard Thanksgiving Crises on my lunch break, which while gave me a feeling of smug success at the time, probably played a large role in why I turned the phone off today and did pretty much nothing.

There is the excuse of problem foot, which was elevated all day as per orders. Numbness remained until I improvised by plasting the new 'ball of foot' to the skin via tight sock. This worked wonders and within a few hours the weird stabbing ache hiding beneath the foggy numbness had faded. We'll see how it works tomorrow at work. Because, TEENY CUPCAKES AND [livejournal.com profile] ren_sama!

DEFATTING has been resumed as of 8pm tonight when I implemented dietary supplements. Viactin chews, fish oil & my vitamins (with CAFFEINE and PEPPERS). This is nothing drastic and, considering my diet often leaves me lacking key vitamins, probably a good thing in the long run. I have a feeling this will improve mood & energy, both of which have been suffering lately.

The trouble is, now body is craving viactin chews. WANTS MORE CALCIUM YUMMIES YES IT DOES. But at least the peanut butter cups cravings have subsided :D. First weigh-in will be Monday, to give time to get over Turkey Day & Black Friday pot luck.
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1. I got a post card from Barcelona today! :D

2. After an epic ordeal badgering my lungs since May, Doc cleared me for exercising! The CB is no longer active! :D. Naturally I celebrated by going on not one, but TWO jog/walks. More on exercise plan )

3. In order to get in prime shape for November, tomorrow marks the first day of 'new' old dietwhat I'm doing etc etc )

4. I cleaned my microwave. It was very very nasty. I've been cleaning it with just anti-bacterial soap & a sponge, but I used some cleaning wipes tonight and... there are no words. Orange grime, you guys! ORANGE! (Sign #32 I eat too much spaghetti)

5. On the last jog/walk today, I wandered about Borders and picked up two books that I've already read.What I got :D )

Going to catch up on FList tomorrow! I have like, three posts to respond to for SA/Mrs X alone and like a billion comments *___*.
The lungs handled the much delayed trip to the store and back very well (I chickened out of riding at 10pm since the back light was not working), which I'm taking as a sign Doc will clear me for exercising on Thursday. Thus signaling the end of active Chronic Bronchitis and the resuming of Operation Defat. The fingers are very much crossed.Weight bit! )
Epic grocery run landed me enough food to build at least two weeks worth of bento/laptop lunches and replenished half of my oatmeal supply. I need to get into the habit of waking up earlier so I can eat oatmeal-- when I have a hot meal and tea in the morning, I'm that much of a nicer person. And as an added bonus, it tends to push the late night cravings away.

I did forget my Morningstar fake-chicken nuggets though ;___;
The past 3 days I've walked (well, recorded walking, anyway) 17 miles and stuck to my diet (which is v. balanced, thank you very much), and yet I've gained five pounds. IN THREE DAYS. HAHA THAT TIME LOLZ I suck XD FURIOUS 2 PARAGRAPH RANTING )

Edit: Avatar Finale spoilers *ARE* released. Those who want to avoid them, now is the time to stay away from Avatar Coms. :D



Apr. 22nd, 2008 08:12 pm
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I just woke up. Thankfully from a nap. A 5 hour nap! Now this is the way to start my 'weekend.'

Last night/this morning, I actually updated my Facebook. It was surprising seeing some people from high school and how much older they look, while I'm apparently deaging. I'm not entirely sure what to use said Facebook for-- I'm not exactly Miss Socialization-- but if you hit me up over there, I might return the favor. Or something. What do you guys use Facebook for?

But the big news? 170.5! I CAN SO HIT MY TARGET BEFORE MONDAY! .6 pounds to go!
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Friday, April 18th

Deliciousness much? Also, I can haz food? Yes, yes I can.
Spring Dump Challenge progress )
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I'm giving myself a gold star today.
Boring Stuff )
Link of the Day: Promo Flyer claiming the finale for Avatar is this May. I am hesitatingly optimistic <3.
Potentially Life Changing Software: Things, for Mac. See it in action, 10 minutes after download. I love this program already! Should help with budgeting crisis too (I will have monies for Fanime! I WILL!).
Song of the Day: Tie between 4 Minutes and Get Together. Why yes, I was in a Madonna mood ;)
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Request Drabbles for Birthday Month Celebration!

After a not so great day at work, I decided it was time to have a night of relaxation. I hit 172 pounds today (it was 171 this morning, but.. I'm going with 172 :P), so I felt justified in a lazy night. Put my feet up, puppy sat (housemates are on a weekend trip), and watched a few wonderfully bad movies.

All in all, I feel much better. Sometimes I just need to take a break, and tonight was definitely needed. However, I have next Saturday off (amazing, I know), so I might call a Kingdom day, if anyone is up for it. I want to make some serious progress in the hunting threads :D

And if nothing else, I'll get some work done on the Bears :D
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Alright, this was one of those glorious super-productive day at work. Saved 3 hours off boxes, woot )

Grocery shopping after work was a lesson in soups, soups, and more soups. Quickie rant )

Defatting update? Back down to 174, woot, + goals )

Also, Minty showed me the Mariah Carey video and I can't stop laughing. link + stuff )
So.... I just fell out of my sports bra. THREE TIMES. o.0;;

I know they bounce a lot when I do jumping jacks, but this is getting ridiculous!

(Friday, January 25th marks first weigh in of the 101 day defatting. Should be back to 174.5 by then XD)
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First Pic of 2008 First Pic of 2008
THE SHIRT DOESN'T LIE, ARR Starting weight of the year: 176 :D

The good thing about losing weight is fitting into slimmer clothes. But then you get behind on laundry and suddenly all you have left is 'slightly larger' clothes, and you debate just wearing something dirty, but you wrinkle your nose and dig out the too large clothes and hope for the best, but inwardly you wince, because you know these too large clothes are going to cause great annoyance in your day.

Today, it was the bra. All the DD's were dirty, so on went a DDD. I prepared myself for the occasional strap falling, but right away it became clear I had seriously underestimated bra's determination to fling itself off. Left side creeeeeping, yank up. Right side creeeeeeping, yank up. Two hours of work and it seemed like my hands never left either strap alone.

And then... undershirt's strap decided it wanted attention, and joined in on the slipping madness. Over and over again, six hours of nothing but straps and their disobedience and yanking and, GAH. Bad enough when I was in the back, but out on the floor it was a nightmare trying to covertly wrangle errant straps while helping. Especially with the vast number of clueless men, wandering around as if close proximity to a bra sucked out their brains. By the time I left, the floor closely resembled a zombie invasion, panties flung about everywhere, clueless men trailing fingers through anything soft with eyes glazed over helplessly.

Stop. Yank strap. Go.
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