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So last night was pretty effing epic! Sage got a promotion, the state of the union happened, and I did my taxes! I was positive I'd have to pay this year due to my tax forecast in October, but apparently the settlement pushed me through to a different bracket and I'm getting a refund of 800 bucks. Yay party times! Going to buy the Mara/Deon shoes after work <3

I can't believe I'll be on my way to DC in 2 days *___*

Also, anyone know if smuggling a sandwich/wrap is allowed on planes?
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Is it sad I've already started packing for DC trip? xD
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I'll be in DC this time next month!!!! And PA the next day!!! I bought thermal sleepies tonight so I shouldn't turn into a Kolicle XD

Tomorrow is my lovely day off-- going to spend the day commenting on Sage and Angie's yulefics, laundering all my clothes, and making my list of media to consume in 2012. Any book, tv, comic, or movie recs? Trying to hit 50 new books next year and I only have 3 new-to-me books left and an empty netflix queue *__*
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The past few days have been equal parts food coma, feelings explosions, and the work fatigue, but I am refusing to focus on the negatives-- this year has held too much of that-- and will instead consider my blessings.
  1. I finally tried the Thai food joint I've walked by nearly every day for six years. It was delicious XO
  2. My holiday credit card bill was 200 less than I thought it would be.
  3. There are approximately a billion amazing Yuletide fics for me to read. :) Expect rec list on Wednesday!
  4. The Sherlock movie made me *think* afterwards; pretty good for an action flick
  5. In exactly on month, I'll be getting ready to fly out the next morning for DC :)
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Had a meltdown yesterday over the state of the ToDo list. The digital copy is closer to a novella these days, thanks to adding five or six new items every time I go to cross off an accomplishment. Focusing on one item at a time is NOT getting me anywhere but farther and farther behind and I'm done with it.

This week I'm going to try a new approach. Instead of focusing on knocking back a single item off the list, I'm going to focus on five sectors of the list and pinpoint what I can realistically accomplish that day. Structuring my day before work is only going to help me in the long run!

WORK: 2:30pm-11:00pm
-----> Make dinner (kiebasa + rice)
-----> Have laundry finished before 2pm
-----> 1 dark load (work clothes)
-----> Fix dresser so work shirts will fit :D
-----> Regency post or Bootcamp
-----> If not finished by 1:30pm, C&P into gdocs
-----> Put Nikita dvd in mailbox (>11am)
-----> Find envelope for Mozart & the Whale & put in mailbox (>11am)
-----> Finish ch 2
-----> Possibly work on an OST?
-----> Goal: 100-500 words written before 2pm

I think I'm going to post these every day this week just for accountability, so we'll see how it goes!


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