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I didn't have to do an end of the year post for 2010... because I actually kept updating my media post the entire year. It was quite possibly the only time I've kept an entire project up an entire year, you guys *___*. Next year, I'm going to have a sister post, listing all the creative projects I'm engaging in throughout the year. Keeping track of my creative input AND output is the easiest way for me to keep that creative momentum going!

2010 ended with me having a chronic bronchitis attack... and probably the worst one I've had in years. I feel wonderful, actually (you know, beyond the inability to breathe), but I looked absolutely wretched as I kept getting double looks, people asking me if everything is okay, and people who tended to otherwise ignore me wanting to know if they could do anything for me o.0;;. I blame the deep purple circles beneath my eyes (I get them when I can't breathe). I was dubbed Sad Panda Kol... and you know? I accept it. I totally was Sad Panda Kol in 2010. I was totally willing to be that for the last night of 2010...

... and when I woke up today, the dark circles were mostly gone and my breathing was back to about 50% of normal. 2011, I think we're getting along just fine so far, especially after that fantastic night of sleep and getting off work four hours early. I can deal with this :D.

I don't want to dwell on 2010 anymore. Totally keeping my eyes on the horizon to the adventures 2011 promises!
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Ever had a day that, though it wasn't flawless, was perfect because of it and the people you shared it with? 

I had one hell of a day yesterday with Fyre, Angie, and Sage, and it was frankly the best day I've had in months. Between the glomps, the week on vitamins, the renewed creative force, and being in the company of three badass ladies, the whole day was intoxicating and precisely the day off I've needed for months. It was so nice to just be myself, hanging around awesome people, and be utterly relaxed in their presence. And it makes me miss all my Kingdom buds, and long for the next adventure ;____;. 
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Yay fooding adventures )

Heads up for everyone hosted on suniver.net-- we're moving servers! Dreamhost let me know it will be anytime in the next seven days, so once the process starts I'll give everyone a heads up. Make sure that your FTP host reads suniver.net, not lenny.dreamhost.com. This is the wiki page that gives more details, though most of it is coding business that doesn't matter to most people ^.^;;

After work tomorrow I'll post the progress notes for Week 1 of Catching Magic's re-write. Figured just posting them every Saturdays is easier to remember than every Tuesday X3.

Ankle is progressing very slowly down the healing path. I'm keeping it easy, both at home and at work, which unfortunately means a delay in operation: go back to the gym. With this severe of a sprain, it could very well be weeks before I'm confident in exercising on the ankle again.

My thoughts about Fanime should be up in the next few days. ^.^;;
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Got my Aromaleigh samples today! Will play with them tomorrow, after I've made inroads on the todo list <3. Sample size pics! )

Now? Back to dishes *___*
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So, I went a little crazy after work today! I bought a ton of Aromaleigh samples yesterday night, but I was super excited about testing out makeup again, and made the mistake of walking by Sephora. And... um...Loot! )

And now, pictures of me with makeup X0. Make uped Kol! )

Beyond make up? I had a pretty good day. After I woke up I went twenty whole minutes before a coughing fit! I was pretty congested at work, but once I got more liquids in me I was feeling pretty good :D. Unfortunately my sinuses are leaking again, so it is a good thing I bought more tissues <3.
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1 / 10 weekly posts. 10% done!

Current queue is up here at google docs ^.^;;. Busting out my resolution to get things done!! )
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Today is one of those days of remarkable productivity and emo-kol flailing. I've accomplished almost all of my todo list for the day and it isn't 3pm yet, but my head is spinning with words I can't let out. And I won't let them, because they are stupid emo-kol flailing, so I'll continue stumbling forward on my path learning to be content with what I do possess and leave it at that. I'd much rather look back at the day and smile at what I have accomplished rather than what I will always fail to resolve.

So instead of flailing at emo-kol for the rest of the day, I have decided to host a tea party in my journal and you are all invited! While there are plenty of internet cookies, the event will be a BYOT <3.
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Happiness is checking your bank account, only to find it double what it was the last time you checked. Thank you 2010, I love you very much and here you are only 12 hours old <3.

I am the supreme dork so it should come to no surprise that I jumped off the couch today after I woke up, springing into the new year. I couldn't help it, though-- there is so much promise around me I can hardly contain my glee. This is going to be a fabulous year, and I'm so happy I was able to welcome it in with the best of people. ILUKINGDOMPEEPS<333.

The wrist is doing quite well today, so I think I will manage my frantic SAS prep shift tonight without the brace. The tiny vacation has done my body and soul quite good-- I feel calmer, more centered, and well able to handle what lies before me. After several hours of deliberation, I wrote my first entry of the day in the brightest moleskine, and have begun fixing my journal tags ^.^;;. I dream of crack. Delicious movie crack )
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