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The past few days have been equal parts food coma, feelings explosions, and the work fatigue, but I am refusing to focus on the negatives-- this year has held too much of that-- and will instead consider my blessings.
  1. I finally tried the Thai food joint I've walked by nearly every day for six years. It was delicious XO
  2. My holiday credit card bill was 200 less than I thought it would be.
  3. There are approximately a billion amazing Yuletide fics for me to read. :) Expect rec list on Wednesday!
  4. The Sherlock movie made me *think* afterwards; pretty good for an action flick
  5. In exactly on month, I'll be getting ready to fly out the next morning for DC :)
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Just sneak edited another thousand words on my Yuletide (and I think I fixed it, thanks to Sage staring at me incomprehensibly while I babbled incoherently about the show. YAY SAGE)!

… also there might have been epic panic when the internet died just as I was going to post the changes. cannot let recipient & friends see terrible words, will die of shame, all home is lost, DOOM SHALL BEFALL ALL. But then the internet came back and everything was right in the world. Better, in fact, because now I'm browsing the prompt list and really considering jumping in on Yuletide Madness!

Yeah, the Yuletide teeter-totter of hysteria is still in full bloom— I’m clearly back in the giggly delusional stage we were in the past few nights. XD
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The Yuletide fic has been posted. 

So many typos X0
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Ah, writer-brain, I've missed your smooth words and sexy productivity, come have your way with me. <3. 

A bit of an explanation might be in order. My original Yuletide fic was jossed this last week (one of the joys of offering for a very current fandom) and I floundered around this week, lost as to what to do next. Then I did what I should have done and, once everyone went to sleep, put on Florence and wrote.

Thirty minutes later I have a plot, a wicked hook, nearly 1,000 words, and dialogue that actually sounds like the characters on the show. HELL YEAH I CAN DO THIS THING :DDDD
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I love you Yuletide!

I spent far too much time last night obsessing over the letter (and mostly because I was incredibly uncomfortable even listing a non-canon ship, because you guys know me), but I'm happy I worked on it yesterday instead of today. It was definitely A DAY at work, and I really was good for nothing beyond squeeling about Yuletide assignments with Angie & Sage and watching Sage play the new Zelda. Stop making Link jump to his death, Sage! In all seriousness, I love this game you guys, I almost want to by a wii just to play it myself X0. Although the grass to loot ratio SUCKS. 

Plans are quickly progressing for our THANKSGIVING: COOK ALL THINGS & WATCH ALL THE MOVIES fest-- Fyre is coming down from Berkeley, and I'm researching methods of creating exceptionally tasty vegetable stock so Sage can nom nom nom on my stuffin' muffins. If any of you guys has a suggestion, I'm definitely tossing this entry open! Right now it looks like cooking down A LOT of vegetables for a lot less time than a beef or chicken stock. A lot of recipes are calling for a turnip. Which is making me conflicted. Do I like turnips? Do I hate them? I'm not sure. A trip to Whole Foods might be in order to establish where turnips are on the Kol Spectrum of Nommy Food :/.
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Greetings my wonderful Yuletide writer! I am sorry for spamming you with so many options, but, well, it is difficult to get me to shut up when I'm this excited!

First of all, Merry Yuletide and a big fat fist bump to sharing one or more of my fandoms! I'm so excited to see more fic for one of my fandoms, so please don't freak out about writing for me! I feel like I've already won the Yuletide lottery and this gleegasm is just going to get stronger the closer we get to December 25th. Write what you love and what lights that creative spark and I promise I will love it to pieces!  

Secondly, this is my first year at Yuletide (previous years I'm been a one-girl cheering squad and eager reader), and I didn't catch the ability to add in requests/prompts in the form until signups had closed. Sorry about that mysterious writer! I did go back and write up some prompts within this letter <3. 


Bulletproof Glees, Triggers & Things I tend to avoid reading )



Extremely rambling prompts and character thoughts for How I Met Your Mother, The Muppet Show, Star Wars: X-Wing Series, and the show I want to fix everything for, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  )




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