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Last Updated: April 3rd
a year of words

29,257 / 150,000

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January: 1,479 words
These Shackles We Allow -- 1,479
February: 4,662 words
These Shackles We Allow -- 63
Her Missing Piece -- 3,434
An Influence of Fixed Stars -- 1,068

Revenge of the Fallen -- 97
March: 4,485 words
The Sheer Force of You -- 3,334
Her Missing Piece -
April: 102 words
Revenge of the Fallen -- 102

January: 1,191 words
Boot Camp, 1st Movement -- 132
Sight Without Depth Perception -- 131
This Too Shall Pass -- 928
February: 1,969 words
Four Alarm Clover -- 219
Love on the Tip of a Sword -- 158
The Wandering Moon -- 1,289
Untitled - 310
March: 0 words
April: 2,229 words
nothing but blue skies -- 1,983
The Wandering Moon -- 246

January: 2,332 words
The Long Reach of War -- 2,332
February: 3,638 words
His Company of Havoc -- 87
The Long Reach of War -- 3,551
March: 7,088 words
Chains of Magic -- 7,088
April: 82 words
Chains of Magic -- 82

Grand Monthly Totals:
  • January: 5,002 words (goal: 9K)
  • February: 10,269 words (goal: 10K) (FIRST MONTH I HIT MY TARGET!!)
  • March: 11,573 words (goal: 11,250) (ON A MONTHLY ROLL!)
  • April: 2,413 words (goal: 11,250)
  • May: (goal: 7.5K)
  • June: (goal: 7.5K)
  • July: (goal: 11,250)
  • August: (goal: 11,250)
  • September: (goal: 7.5K)
  • October: (goal: 7.5K)
  • November: (goal: 50K)
  • December: (goal: 10.5K)
Fandom Story Lists
  • These Shackles We Allow -- Dark Angel/The Pretender, big bang for the dystopian au (due in May I think?)
  • Her Missing Piece - Bleach. Matsumoto Rangiku piece taking place in the 17 month gap
  • An Influence of Fixed Stars - An original!Senshi adventure because I am 12 at heart you guys
  • The Wandering Moon - Kingdom/Naruto, for the Kingdom mini!works a thon
  • Revenge of the Broken - Naruto. Karin kicks all the asses piece. 
  • The Sheer Force of You - Homestuck. My piece for the Rarewomen challenge (due April 30th) {Already on draft 2 of ??}

Kingdom Log Lists
  • Acme Products Are Crap -- (Mara/Lynn/Deon vs Fire Coyote) 
  • Boot Camp, 1st Movement -- (Mara/Deon/Tasha/Dusty vs... bootcamp, testosterone, and hang overs)
  • Dude Looks Like A Lady -- (Alex/Loni vs Homecoming Spirit Week... and a dress)
  • Four Alarm Clover -- (Reed/Clover vs laundry monster the sequel)
  • Love on the Tip of a Sword -- (Regency!AU Reed/Lynn)
  • Lunch(&whathappenedafter) -- (Reed/Lynn/Joe meeting Lynn's dad is kind of terrifying)
  • Sight Without Depth Perception -- (Mara/Deon vs Fog Monster; Mara pervs on Deon's relic making)
  • The Daemon Game -- (Reed/Lynn vs Date Night (and a troll daemon)
  • This Too Shall Pass -- (Reed/Mara vs burnout; aka the log where Reed is a badass healer)
  • You Dropped Your Wallet, Bro -- (Reed/Walker/Ari vs a misplaced wallet; the first brofecta)

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I am feeling very fragile as of late, as if I am on the edge of a precipice, getting ready to jump off into the unknown which may be better than this rock I'm clinging too... or it could be much, much worse. Things are not helped by the rabidly escalating sickness I came down with in the middle of the convention-- for everyone else it was a simple cold, but the six or seven days I worked in a row before the convention killed my immune system, and this minor cold went right for the lungs. I'm trying very hard not to let it further fester into a COPD attack, but judging by how low oxygen I was at work today, I have a good chance of facing April sick. Which makes me glad my golden birthday isn't until the end of the month :D. 

The steampunk convention itself was very fun. It was lovely to see Fyre again (although I doubt I stopped talking the entire time ;___;) and I saw a Hawaiian Dalek, which I don't think is a costume anyone at Fanime can top. I did not shop at the dealers rooms or go to any panels, but I don't feel as connected to steampunk as I do the offerings at Fanime, so I really felt no loss there.

And my tax monies came in this weekend, so I can finally begin gathering materials for my Twelve Kingdoms cosplay. I will probably be purchasing a wig next week *__*. 

Progress Notes
  • Completed the rough first draft of She Walks The Stars Reborn. Which is apparently a drabble in eight parts? 
  • 101 words of Deadline At First Light.
  • Survived a six hour shift :D
  • Scribbled down more of the final Coffee Log post at work. Should have the finished post up before the end of the month! 
  • Just turned in my time off request for Fanime <3. So excited to see Charis and Pixie, and to finally meet K!!! WE WILL HAVE THE BEST OF TIMES! Plus, I'm totally bringing the awesome kettle so THE TEA WILL NOT BE DENIED!
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Ever After is on! Oh how I adore everything this movie choses to be! And I am entirely too amused that when I paused the movie to begin this entry, Henry's codpiece is taking up a fair portion of the screen XD. Life's not-so-little amusements <3.  

Progress Notes:
  • 980 words on She Walks The Stars Reborn (Unbirthday drabble #1)
  • 1 Venti Chai Latte and 1 Cup of Chai Latte
  • (9 hour work shift)
  • Third day of No-Soda-For-Kol
  • Possibly successfully plotted out how to finish Coffee Log!!!
And the solution for the last was, as always, oh so apparent once I stopped freaking out about how I can't write and thought about what made sense for the narrative. Oh writer brain, how nice it is to see you again :D

I have to say, a part of me has always been convinced I can't write without soda or sugar. But yesterday night and today has proved that dude, you can do this.  
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I think I met a lot of my goals this month, especially considering the depression and the computer crash. I lost all of my pictures. Not only did I rediscover foodporn settings on my camera, but I took quite a few landscape photos, neighborhood shots, and did lots of shots while on vacation.Pictures of Carmel, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and around Kolsbeckistan. Also, birthday bundtinis!!!! )

March Goal: Santana Row, Rose garden, possibly the nunnery. *___*

Art & Sketches

6! That's right, one more than last month! Clover & Reed, a couple Neves, and a few chibi's from the Cloudnin AU. )

March Goal: STILL need to do a series of sketches to regain my ability to draw Neve and Mara's faces without references once more.

RP Tags, Fanfiction & Drabbles

I did not do as much this month as I had hoped, but considering I lost so much when my harddrive crashed at the beginning of the month and mood was seriously down due to a bunch of things, I'm not going to beat myself up. I've had a few good posts the last month, I just have to be more consistent about getting them out.

Killer in Me
The Fandom: ANCD's Cloudnin AU
Subject: Dee & Galen
Comments: This is a rough draft, but I fricking love where this drabble is going. *___* I've been having a problem getting back into the drabble side of writing, and this proved that I can still get there.

March Goal: My monthly average will be 2 tags a week and 1 drabble a week. Will reach this goal!!!
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 Last Updated: February 1st. (Still notes around since I haven't written any fanfic yet :/

Fanfiction & Drabbles

-- cast: synopsis (date posted)


Yoko, Twelve Kingdoms (Fanime) {reference} (aka only Kol would do leather armor for a first cosplay)
Riza Hawkeye, Fullmetal Alchemist (Fanime) {reference} (aka Kol gets to point obviously fake guns at cameras and be badass)


12 in 12 Challenge
Art & Sketches

Original Novels & Short Stories

Catching Magic Rewrite #3 (starting mid February)
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I'm giving myself a gold star today.
Boring Stuff )
Link of the Day: Promo Flyer claiming the finale for Avatar is this May. I am hesitatingly optimistic <3.
Potentially Life Changing Software: Things, for Mac. See it in action, 10 minutes after download. I love this program already! Should help with budgeting crisis too (I will have monies for Fanime! I WILL!).
Song of the Day: Tie between 4 Minutes and Get Together. Why yes, I was in a Madonna mood ;)


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