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I haven't talked about Nanowrimo or my original writing in a while, which I think is a shame because non-rpg writing is going alright for a change! I think not letting anyone see what I'm working on is helping with the pressure. Sage's work on her potential project is helping me focus on my own work, which saw me struggling all day today with he five viable ideas I have going for Nano this year. I haven't made a decision yet, and I think it might be because I've written in four of the universes before with a variety of success.

Nanowrimo Novels with genre + universe notes + wordcount
2002: Caffeine Addicts Anonymous (chicklit; tentatively same universe as Suds) 50,067
2003: In Pursuit of Misfortune (fantasy; spawned years of endless worldbuilding IPOM) 58,085
2004: Constant Peril (suspense/trhiller, first of the Mercies thought it chronologically should be last) 51,715
2005: Bleeding Mercy (suspense/thriller, the second of the Mercies) 51,215
2006: Whitaker's Secret (western, wtf was I thinking) 51,215
2007: Catching Magic (rural fantasy/teen slice of life, fav Nanowrimo, first Spellbrooke) 55,655
2008: Stomping Out Sparks (urban fantasy/teen slice of life, second Spellbrooke) 51,215
2009: One Last Wish (magical fantasy romance? El Combito was born of this novel <3) 52,025
2010: The Catalyst (space opera [with retail planet and companion baby space ships], Markdown) 52,525

Basically, I've written a lot of words in November over the years, over a variety of genres and with a lot of fun and interesting characters. So while I don't have anything publishable to show for my efforts, I do have a long line of projects that have made me a better writer and taught me a lot about myself in the process. Not to mention, a lot of scenes I do go back and re-read :D. If I had to pick, I'd say Catching Magic and Bleeding Mercy are my favorite two Nanowrimo novels-- both had the easiest time writing AND were projects I've continued spending time with outside of November. 

So as I narrow down which of the five potential projects I'll be working on in November, I really need to keep in mind 2 things: write something that my heart will believe in and pick something that will be fun for me to write. Because when I have those two things in my corner, I really do have a fantastic time of it. The third thing I have to keep in mind, though, is I need to make sure this is something I'll stick with after November.  I really want to have another draft under my belt, especially if I'm facing down Leagues of Steel and finishing another draft next year.   

Novel ideas in question. SUPER SHORT :D )
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It is amazing what a few days off and remembering to take your vitamins for a week can do for a person. I no longer feel creatively burned out, I have energy again, and I've even started to slowly wrangling down my spectacular backlog of Kingdom tags. In fact, 2 stories will probably be done by the end of the week!  My face, it is so the Edward Elric face of sparkly-eyed squee in my icon. Life is good! I can live with only having the finances in panic-mode!

Speaking of panic-modes that are no longer, I know what I'm doing for Nanowrimo! I'd planned to have the rewrites for Catching Magic finished by November 1st, but that isn't going to happen. And I'm perfectly content with this! The last thing CM needs is more word-spam, since I still have roughly 30,000 words to cut still *___*. So I'm going to continue with CM rewrites until November 1st, which is when I start in on my... SUPER AWESOME SPACE ADVENTURE novel!

I'm aiming for November to be a lot of fun, no pressure, and completely devoid of those damned last minute spamfests. You know, the ones that happened every year. But not this year! There shall be no post Nano burn out! AND NO MORE LAST MINUTE +10,000 WORD PUSHES! 

(And if I get the fool idea to handwrite my entire novel, as I did in 2008, Sage you have permission to punch me in the face and/or steal all my peanut butter cups)
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This is an interesting Nanowrimo experience. I'm so dead post-work I'm utterly failing to get any progress done without the help of everyone at Wrimies. There have been serious motivational issues and a lot of private challenge flouncing going on behind the scenes. But all of that evaporated when I realized I was 9K behind my word rival.


So my goal for today is to hit 17,500-18,000 words.  

I don't go into work until 7:30 and have 3 huge scenes I've been dying to write, so it is possible...

Why do I do these things to myself.  XD
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I realized this afternoon Wishes was facing a troubling problem-- not only did I have too much plot, but I somehow managed to skip creating a middle. AgainI love you 3x5 cards. You solve all my problems <3 )

I'm still unhappy with the novel's title. My top three are Make A Wish, Unlimited Wishes, and One Last Wish. Title blah blah blah )
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I really should be sleeping right now (another 4AM shift zomg), but instead I'm procrastinating by opening up [community profile] wrimies! Now featuring the Kolsbeckistan, Zokutou, and Artful Clauses-- so whatever creative project you need to finish in November, allow us to motivate you into accomplishing your goal! I spent my free time the last week scribbling down daily posts for November, so I'm actually better prepared for the community than I am for my own novel XD

Wrimies is moving to dreamwidth for three reasons: Fewer distractions than LJ, I have better community tweakability, and I get to use all my pretty dreamwidth icons XD. If you'd like a dreamwidth account, I have about twenty invites left. If you'd prefer not to join dreamwidth but would still like to join the community, dreamwidth features a really cool compatibility with OpenID-- you just have to register your OpenID and bam! You get icons and a reading page. I'm pretty sure you also can join communities, as well. And if you don't want to do that, we have anonymous posting enabled <3.

How is everyone doing out there? Crazy swing shifts at work have been keeping me generally offline ;____; I miss everyone ;____;


Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:51 am
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So what did I do after second job tonight? If you guessed something productive, you really don't know me X3. What, did Kol find novel icons? ;) )

And for those of you who went to sleep waiting, the Nano site is back up <3.

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I just wish it was exclusively Kingdom crack, because so much has been going on! I'm so excited that people are tearing in and making a home for themselves while having tons of fun! That game is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you've had a bad day <333. I love all of you guys so much <333.

Work has been interesting. Health has slowly been improving. And my Nanowrimo has exploded into amazing crack blah blah novel mini!spam )

Speaking of projeects-- Wrimies is opening back up on the 1st!And Kol goes on and on about how this year is going to rock )
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So, I'm sitting on 25 handwritten pages and an official wordcount of 12K that has been previously typed. I have no idea what my wordcount is. Two handwritten pages have been varying between 2,000 and 500 words, so it really is impossible to get an estimated word count at this point.

Tonight's the first of five deathmarches before the end of the month. I don't know if I can meet tonight's goal, but I'm going to make a valiant effort at typing up all remaining handwritten pages. You know. All 25 of them. *___*.

But first, I'm taking a nap because no sense trying to type when brain is this dead from really really crazy day at work. At least I remembered to take my vitamins (even if I had to bring them to work XD).

edit: Also, CONGRATS TO THE SAGE <3333!!!!
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You guys, I can't even begin. I'm just so happy. Okay 2008, you are definitely making inroads at sucking less. <33

Can't watch Prop 8 anymore or will pull a Chimi punching spree, so going to channel the incredible energy bounce into the novel. Nano bit + really rough start to chapter three of SOS. Oh Wil. XD )

And now I'm exhausted and heading to bed at TWO THIRTY IN THE MORNING. This is well over three hours before I crashed yesterday and a decent bedtime for a change. OBAMA IS CURING ME OF INSOMNIA xD
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I hope you don't mind, Charis, but I decided to turn the drabble prompts from way back into art prompts. Which means I've started drawing out sketches for an *actual finished piece* I'll probably have done by the end of the month. My concept sketch, second of a billion sketches. Yes. I did put Zuko in Kira-wear. MUAHAHA. I need to learn how to draw guys. This is getting ridiculous. Also: a Sokka = Shuhei pic. I was going to put him in as Renji but... um... it was too obvious? And editing to add a Toph. CANNOT STOP ME XD

In further novel procrastination, I approve of the Morning Star Veggie Bites. Downed four of the Spinach Artichoke bites earlier and they filled me up. I am amazed!

Now for dinner and then I return to my attempt to hit 10K (I'm just under 3.3, so this is a lot of work) on the novel.
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I continue to want to be Heidi Klum when I grow up. BEST COSTUME. I JUST. HER FACE. AHH SO RAD.

I think my priorities this year are skewed. I'm more excited about the apartment remodel than I am about Nano. Think about that for a moment and shiver with terror, as Nanowrimo ranks ABOVE DIET PEPSI in raw excitement level. You do not want to see my design elements scrapbook. TRUST ME.
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After the bike drama, I decided nothing else could go wrong and thought, hey, lets upgrade my writing blog with an hour to go before Nanowrimo! HAHA, OH KOL. Why yes, 2008, I didn't forget you, please stop reminding me how much you suck. :DD )

It feels good to be twisting plots and characters around. Roleplaying is satisfying, don't get me wrong, but there's something so delicious about ripping into a project that is completely your own and confidently tearing away your character's dignities and pushing them into resolutions. I am all for resolutions and character growth, but too often these things get ditched for focusing on events and plots (which is probably why we had so much problem with the Seal breaking in Kingdom, come to think of it). There's a lot of *talking* about redemption, but not enough *writing* it.

But back to the tasty novel sandwich. I haven't written anything in the draft, but around 1 I opened up Scrivener and began unraveling Wil and Ty and discovered some juicy subplots I will be working on tomorrow. Admittedly I did this mostly because I had no idea what the first scene should be, beyond a hazy idea for something with Terrie. I'm so glad I took the time to ponder the boys. Taking the time to stitch up the back can make all the difference with a writing project.

That, and I feel less like Akemi stumbling in the forest without her glasses.
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[livejournal.com profile] wrimies is alive! We're spinning our tiny Nanowrimo corner into a small goal-oriented writing community by utilizing the Kolsbeckistan Clause (set your own writing goal for November)! Feel free to join up! We've got a lot of plans for the community this year, and I hope we can get a few more people to join in ;).

So, I went out to lunch with one of my aunts today, and she surprised me by offering to help pay for some things for the apartment AND agreed to pay for the hotel room for Fanime! CHARIS YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE ME HAHA. I'm hoping I won't get this again this year, because I really was not my usual energetic ridiculously XDing self last year ;___;.

... it doesn't help I'm massively shy, too XD.

I'm going to be making icons the next week, so if anyone wants text-base or any other icons, feel free to request them :D. I need to flex my creative muscles more, try to break the brain into the more creative side of things.
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1. The phone is driving me crazy. veeeektorreeeahh's secccrrr-- )

2.Went shopping! Bye-bye monies ;___; )

3. Am seriously blocked with writing. Going to spend the rest of tonight trying to get Mara's post up for Kingdom, but I make no promises. Seem to be making more progress in the writing notebook than on the computer, so we'll see how that goes.

4. In an effort to get back into the nano/writing gear, I fixed up my nanowrimo stats page. With color. Yes I know I'm crazy )I need to start doing hella research into Seattle. ;___;. Anyone have any favorite Seattle links? :D

5.I put in for time off tomorrow night, so check off your choice for what time to take off for Nano :D.


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:00 pm
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.... Sunday already? Friday I started episode 134 of Bleach, hit episode 168 last night... and ground right to a halt because my heart can't take filler at 1AM. I also read roughly 30 chapters of the manga (had to re-read Pendulum arc!). So, my weekend off was very much Bleach Overload. At least I caught up on my sleep? But it makes me super relieved there isn't going to be any "real" Bleach episodes to distract me come November.

[Poll #1268617]
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1. I got a post card from Barcelona today! :D

2. After an epic ordeal badgering my lungs since May, Doc cleared me for exercising! The CB is no longer active! :D. Naturally I celebrated by going on not one, but TWO jog/walks. More on exercise plan )

3. In order to get in prime shape for November, tomorrow marks the first day of 'new' old dietwhat I'm doing etc etc )

4. I cleaned my microwave. It was very very nasty. I've been cleaning it with just anti-bacterial soap & a sponge, but I used some cleaning wipes tonight and... there are no words. Orange grime, you guys! ORANGE! (Sign #32 I eat too much spaghetti)

5. On the last jog/walk today, I wandered about Borders and picked up two books that I've already read.What I got :D )

Going to catch up on FList tomorrow! I have like, three posts to respond to for SA/Mrs X alone and like a billion comments *___*.
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So, I got addicted to watching videos of Roombas. I've always loved those little suckers, and I desperately want one (even though apartment isn't really large enough to justify the expense). One of my RPG characters even had Roomba-esque minions.
And, naturally, talk of the roombas infected chats today.  )

Brain is very much in novel-prep mode. Trying unsuccessfully to get back into the roleplaying vibe, but I keep editing and editing and editing until I'm just TIRED of these stupid posts. Someone be my sockpuppet so I don't have to play my characters ;____;
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Cleaning people--
I luff you forever and always! Just tell me your secrets to make gray tile SPARKLE SO *__*.
Signed, the bleach fanatic. Yes, that other kind of bleach.

Really, this is ridiculous. I'm paying you enough attention! This is really the last straw. Really? Breaking out on MY NOSE? JUST STOP IT.
Signed, Kol-the-Unamused

Nano buddies--
Previous entry featured a lengthy comment on how I write Nanowrimo projects now (with actual screencaps I took of the Scrivener file). tiny commentary )
Signed, Doctor McWordy
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10 things I did for happy on hiatus )

And now I'm going to take a moment to reason with my stomach before it explodes from happy!fooding *___*. And I check on one of my housemates-- she had to go to the ER this morning because she couldn't breathe. Poor thing has a corporate visit tomorrow and she can't come into work. I did go in to help out at her store today after working at MY store, only to face.... her back room flooding with 3" of fast moving suspiciously not-clear water.

Totally going to buy a lotto ticket tomorrow.
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Taken last night wee hours this morning (see the tired eyes XD-- was up at 5:30AMMonday, went to bed at 3:30AMTuesday.), but intent the same. Going to hit 75K before midnight on the 30th. :D

I haven't written anything in the novel. But I will today. No excuses. I just have to write. Meep.
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