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SUPER late 31_days fic for April 19, Taking time out to forget AND sort of unfinished at that. I cut the last 300 words off-- trust me, it works better. Might add more to this later on, I like the concept, and this forgotten drabble doesn't do the topic justice. Because honestly, these kids really aren't going to escape from the situation without some emotional scars-- and sometimes, it really is more than just the boy.

I’m not a rock, I just crush them )
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Life Doesn't Have An Ending, 31_days fic for May 15, His dreams have lost some grandeur coming true.

Author's Note: This is a speculative fic, written before we had finale spoilers, of what happens AFTER the war is over, particularly Toph's way of handling the gaang breaking up. I think her reaction to it would be fascinating, so I decided to write how I saw the situation out.

Toph can feel the sky cold and damp pressing against her skin and knows the touch for night. )
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Neutral Jin #3: Treading: The Firelord's Road
Fandom: Avatar
Rating: All Ages
Challenge Fic: For 31_days, Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose and for 5 Fics Challenge, Travels in a beaten road. Yay for 2 for 1 deals.
The sun rose above the Firelord’s Road, casting a sullen glare upon the shadow that refused to melt into the beaten path.  )
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Title: The Universe's Lesson
Fandom: Avatar
Rating: All Ages
Challenge Fic: For [livejournal.com profile] 31_days, Take the long road and walk it.

Aang would have liked to say that the six years in prison had been spent creating the perfect plan.  )
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Title: Neutral Jin #1: Waiting
Fandom: Avatar.
Rating: PG?
Challenge Fic: For 31_days, "lemon-flavored kisses"

The sky slips into the ocean, but Toph remains on her ledge, the perfect student of neutral jin. )
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Title: Something ‘bout the way you looked at me
Day/Theme: Day 8; accursed be he that first invented war
Series: Avatar
Character/Pairing: Aang (and Zuko)
Words: 285
...so desperately (312-313 spoilers) )
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Title: Sin of Living (while betters failed)
Summary: After battle, Toph seeks a celebration of a different kind.
Prompt: 31_Days, #3: A Mountain of Violent Sins
WC: 813
It was night, Toph guessed... )
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