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1. How to make Pillsbury crescent rolls. what is this triangle nonsense? Just a roll of dough people! Oh self, never change  )

2. Cheap water proof rain coats really do work-- the same cannot be said for tennis shoes. Oh poor feetsies, please warm soon.

3. The one time I need to call my mom (about getting her to the polls tomorrow), her phone refuses to work. The last time this happened she tripped over the cord and it took four days for her to realize the phone had come unplugged.

4. Waking up and proceeding to surf the internet for three hours, while still in bed, is a great start getting nothing done all day <3.

5. The only time I have a stocked fridge is when I'm on vacation. Yay delicious fooding IS ALL MINE. Seriously, I managed to make a roast in my crock pot. Granted it wasn't done until 4AM but OH NOM NOM NOM.

Addendum: Less than a half hour after complaining about my mom's phone being out, I got a call. Apparently, SHE TRIPPED OVER THE PHONE LINE AGAIN. YOU GUYS. OH YOU GUYS.
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Avatar fic that made me sniffle, featuring Ta Min. Oh Avatar.

Lower jaw on the left side is aching EXACTLY LIKE IT DID LAST YEAR DURING NANOWRIMO it aaaaaacccchhhheeeessss )

But teeth!drama is diminished a bit by Howl's Moving Castle, which is my new favorite movie/book combo. I'm probably going to watch that movie fifty million times this month ;___;. Did you guys know Aang's voice actor has a significant part in the movie? So much love <333.

Going to heat up my bed buddy and gingerly place it against jaw ;____;.
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1. The phone is driving me crazy. veeeektorreeeahh's secccrrr-- )

2.Went shopping! Bye-bye monies ;___; )

3. Am seriously blocked with writing. Going to spend the rest of tonight trying to get Mara's post up for Kingdom, but I make no promises. Seem to be making more progress in the writing notebook than on the computer, so we'll see how that goes.

4. In an effort to get back into the nano/writing gear, I fixed up my nanowrimo stats page. With color. Yes I know I'm crazy )I need to start doing hella research into Seattle. ;___;. Anyone have any favorite Seattle links? :D

5.I put in for time off tomorrow night, so check off your choice for what time to take off for Nano :D.
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1. I got a post card from Barcelona today! :D

2. After an epic ordeal badgering my lungs since May, Doc cleared me for exercising! The CB is no longer active! :D. Naturally I celebrated by going on not one, but TWO jog/walks. More on exercise plan )

3. In order to get in prime shape for November, tomorrow marks the first day of 'new' old dietwhat I'm doing etc etc )

4. I cleaned my microwave. It was very very nasty. I've been cleaning it with just anti-bacterial soap & a sponge, but I used some cleaning wipes tonight and... there are no words. Orange grime, you guys! ORANGE! (Sign #32 I eat too much spaghetti)

5. On the last jog/walk today, I wandered about Borders and picked up two books that I've already read.What I got :D )

Going to catch up on FList tomorrow! I have like, three posts to respond to for SA/Mrs X alone and like a billion comments *___*.
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10 things I did for happy on hiatus )

And now I'm going to take a moment to reason with my stomach before it explodes from happy!fooding *___*. And I check on one of my housemates-- she had to go to the ER this morning because she couldn't breathe. Poor thing has a corporate visit tomorrow and she can't come into work. I did go in to help out at her store today after working at MY store, only to face.... her back room flooding with 3" of fast moving suspiciously not-clear water.

Totally going to buy a lotto ticket tomorrow.
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1. No On-Call Kept At Work! YAY FOR FREE TIMEZ

2. PUPPIES. TINY AND FAT AND 1 MONTH OLD AND OMG. It can rain all it wants as long as I have a fat puppy in my hand <3!!!



I'm so sorry I bailed on everyone today. I got home around 2:30, crashed at 3, and didn't wake up again until 8 *___*. I SUCK YOU GUYS.

This is tempered, however, with best.news.ever: 179.5 pounds today! *hyperventilates from excitement* I finally broke 180 today! :D!

And that isn't even the best part: My bra was crazy loose today, so I put on one of the DD bras. AND IT FIT. I AM NO LONGER A TRIPLE D YOU GUYS. *THROWS A PARTY OF GLEE!!!*

In more XD news, I finally posted a fic over on the fanfic journal ([livejournal.com profile] xdfics), based on a prompt from the 31_days community. Even the Dead Can't Escape Destiny, my first 'published' Battlestar Galatica fanfic. VERY VERY ROUGH, I only wrote it in 40 minutes, so it hasn't had any polishing yet. I have plans for continuing with the story later on in the month :D. I'm still working on my Toph and Supergirl fics from the first two days of the month for 31_days. :D

And finally, RPGS FTW. I am having so much fun <3!!!!!
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#1: Personal Nanowrimo related stuff is going to mostly be lj-cut-ed or just mentioned & linked back to INK. However, this year I'm more actively going to be everyone's cheerleader, so expect LJ Gifts & YAY (Someone) posts. I still feel guilty about Toya pushing me through 2004 Nano, and then me not pushing anyone since XD. PUSH-Y PUSH-Y PUSH-Y.

#2: The stye is still plaguing me. I'm tempted to wear a pink eyepatch with glitter on it if this keeps up. The pain has pretty much gone unless I accidentally poke it, but now the damned thing ITCHES OMG.

#3: I made turkey sausage & rice for dinner tonight at work. NOMNOMNOM.

#4: Co-worker has out awesomed me. She bought a tote bag, and put the O RLY? owl on one side, and the YA RLY! owl on the other side. LUFF. Must link to pictures when she is done >D

#5: I love all of you guys. I don't talk to you all enough on AIM at all, so if you haven't talked with me in a while, expect a random IM soon! Well, at least once the Arolos Hatching is over tomorrow... XD
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1. You will have the most brilliant idea ever on the sales floor, but will forget it the minute you sit down and start writing.

2. It is possible to fall asleep leaning against a rack of sweatshirts.
**2.A-- Furthermore, a rack of sweatshirts makes for a comfortable sleep (and a great way to pass 15 minutes).

3. We will have a higher percentage of sales when I ignore customers and push product out. Efforts to actually sell will leave the room empty, as everyone runs, runs, RUNS away.

4. The more you beg to work in the back, the more hours they'll give you out front. Further complaints will lead to only swing shifts scheduled for all week. And each in the front.

5. The last hour of your shift will take longer than the previous four hours did.
**5.A-- The last two minutes, however, will invariably see a mountain of go-backs that must be put away before you leave. Time will speed up, so that it will take you 30 minutes to put away items that, in the previous four hours and 58 minutes, would have taken only three minutes.
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3 things:
1. Have been fixing up my RPG wiki so it makes sense. So if you were wondering about my ToDo lists for rpgs (ANCD and CC's have images) or just noticed I forgot something, feel free to drop a note. I am always forgetting something, which is what makes the wiki a great way to keep track of things.

2. I need music recs. Preferably something similar in sound to the Plain White T's, but I'm game for pretty much anything. AM SUFFERING FROM AUDITORY BOREDOM. Also? Book recs, por favor!

3. I have a character under review and I'm not freaking out. This is really, really weird
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I finally got around to organizing most of my photos on George-- the first are from 2002, and since I take a bazillion pictures of myself, I figured I'd show off 2 for each year. XD

1. I am never bleaching my hair again
2. Dude, you can totally tell my hair has been naturally darkening each year, even without the bleaching incident. My current hair color is too dark to be considered blonde, I think ;____;. Must sit in sun a bit XD
3. I spared you bad pics. By bad, I mean pictures of my various injuries. I figured the bandaid-one worked, but you totally didn't need to see the mess I made of my face in 2005 when I went SPLAT on my face. Ow. XD.
4. I need to take more candid pics. I swear, I have the same half-smile on my lips in EVERY PIC.
5. ... I really need to clean my bathroom mirror. XD
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1. Work loathes me and is actively plotting my death. Or at least, the door is; co-worker wasn't paying attention and slammed it into my elbow. Said elbow screamed "OW" and is still throbbing. Seven hours later it has faded to a warm, oozing sort of throb, dull enough to forget it hurts unless I pick something up. Range of motion hasn't been impaired, but anything heavier than a small garment is giving me pause and a fair wince. Typing creates odd twinges, but more an awareness of the tendons moving than a true pain. Slight bruising, but not enough to get worked up about. Essentially, we shall see how it is tomorrow, but I might have to fill out an incident report at work, and ... those are never any fun.

2. I've had a very unhappy week; suffice to say, I made very silly excuses (Oh, HP day! I must have a box of Hot Tamales! And oh look, Hot Tamales CHILL! I shall have a box of each! And oh dear, why not a whole bag of peanut butter M&Ms since I'm being bad? And perhaps a billion pounds of lard while I'm at it! Yum!) and I have seen the error of my ways, oh wise and powerful scale. As such, I refuse to look at the scale again until I know I'm back to 191. Relapse? What? I don't see no stinking fat-relapse!

3. Why is there not a cranberry yogurt? Why is there cranberry juice and cranberry sauce and cranberry jell-o, but no cranberry yogurt! Raspberry yogurt just is not the same... Safeway, why have you failed me ;___;!!

4. I can usually gauge depression levels by if the floor is a swamp of clothes, the dinning room table is missing in action under who knows what, and I have no clean dishes at all. And I have no clean dishes. Or clean socks. Or, dare I say, anything clean at all. Yet somehow, my floor is clean, and the dinning room table is spotless. So perhaps, for once, it is less a sign of depression and more a sign of not having enough time to do more cleaning that picking up the floor and table? Regardless, totally doing a few loads of dishes tonight. (I have a tiny tiny sink; 10 dishes = 1 load, seriously).

5. Netflix'd Season 1 of Battlestar Galatica, and I've been noticing the strangest things.
And now: a bit of dishes, a bit of laundry, a bit of BSG, and then a bit of sleep.
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1. An Aunt has already e-mailed me thinking I was upset with her/dying because I hadn't e-mailed her. She now is aware I'm not checking e-mail, because I'm not on the WEB as much due to HP. And spoilers. And crazy work.

2. People are creating spoiler titled journals and friending people with HP in their interests. Now, that is just plain silly people! But I'm not looking at ANYONE'S friendslists or friendspages until Saturday after I finish the book.

3. Work is trying to kill my HP buzz. On Sunday, I have a meeting I technically don't have to go to, because I requested Sunday off. But... I can get a free bra! And free Vanilla Lace! I love that fragrance! And I don't really HAVE to be lucid at the meeting, so I might just stay awake through the HP madness and just go to work for two hours before I go home and crash. Obsessed? Me? HA. I'm just so looking forward to people going insane when the book comes out...

4. But I've also got myself convinced my favorite characters are going to die. This may or may not be because all my favorite characters are expendable. I really really really really hope Luna is ok *___*.

5. HP is so big, half the girls at my shop are talking about it on their breaks. And you know it is big when girls at a Victoria's Secret shop are discussing it in the few free moments we have away from crazy customers.

(totally gained a pound in the last 29 hours. Stupid ice cream!)
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I've been a very naughty Kol. I've had the same movie (at home from Netflix) for a week now. And I still haven't watched it yet. Oops...


I slacked off at the working out and diet for two & 1/2 days and gained a quarter of an inch on my hips and my stomach. Did not, however, gain more than a pound. Will weigh in on Sunday morning fto see how I did for the week (I'm trying to hit 189 by next Sunday; considering I was still 191 yesterday... yeah.)

New workout playlist is crack. MUSIC CRACK OF CALORIE BURNY GOODNESS. )

I am currently in possession of a spaghetti squash. Be afraid, be very afraid.
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#1: OK, I'm officially on Harry Potter Spoiler Deathwatch. You spoil me, Kolsbeckistan is going to invade your lands, divide and conquer.
#2: 192 1/2 this morning; 194 tonight (I typically gain 3-4 pounds during any given day; when I don't, it usually means I did crazy exercise and didn't eat enough during the day, which actually leads to badness).
#3: I filled my pantry tonight! Yay food! Went originally just to get some whole grain pasta, and ended up with a LOT of food. 60 bucks worth of it, but some of it is going to LAST. & This is totally for me trying to figure out what I can cook the next two weeks:
#4: I think one of the problems I'm having is a lack of energy. I'm fine at work, but once I get home, I crash. I don't work out. I just take a lengthy nap because I've drained myself of all energy at work. So, I decided to make lunch my #1 meal of the day instead of dinner. Ideas for lunches (keeping in mind I eat lunch out of a quasi-Bento box, with lots of sections:#5: Microwaving Brown Rice is a difficult process. Any pointers?
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1. I was a solid 192 this morning when I woke up.
2. Bike rides are fun. 4.31 mile bike rides are fun too, unless (for the last half) you are loaded down with 35 bucks worth of groceries and it is a bazillion degrees out in direct sunlight.  Owie.
3. Half of my groceries were fruit. The end of the world is eminent.
4. I want to name a male character Chester, just so I can call him Ches. These are the things I think about when I am working out, apparently.
5. Safeway now has Flat Earth products. Hurray for addictive Veggie crisps!
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1. I'm working 8AM-5:30PM every day this week except for Thursday and Saturday (I think I'm off at 2:30 that day). As such, this is not a week for me being online that much. Sorry guys!

2. I will be having hour long breaks all week, except for the aforementioned Thursday and Saturday. As I have no books to read, I will be taking with me a notebook and hopefully I'll get some viable words out of these lengthy breaks. First up: Finish the Birthday Prompts. Second: Work on mystery HP fanfic. Which, I can tell you know, is HP7 gone silly, ala the Krumfics from before. It will probably make no sense to anyone though I will be greatly amused by it.

3. My computer's been waiting for me to hit "ok" to restart since yesterday afternoon. I don't know why this amuses me so xD.

4. App Chaos Crisis! App DEATHBUSTERS!

5. There is never enough pie in the world. Particularly at 12:30 AM procrastinating about going to bed. Someone invent a spontaneous pie making machine for me <3.
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It is a great day in the land of Kolsbeckistan.

1. I finished Akemi. Hurrah! (And have found 9 typos so far, post turning her in. Oh God).
2. I updated Phollery with my Maui and Oregon pics! Most don't have descriptions...
3. I finished pending reviews! Go me!
4. Galaxy Quest is on! How can life get any better?
5. Oh wait it can! I've avoided almost all of the LJ Drama! (Although I did delete all my interests, just in case)
6. My schedule for work >.<:

+ On calls I have to go in tomorrow and check >.<.
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My day in conversation:

@work: A co-worker discussing an ex-roommate who ate her mattress. Seriously. I cannot stop laughing XD.

@home, five minutes in: My step mom on the phone, their house has been robbed and they are cutting short their visit tomorrow on my pre-birthday party.

@home, five minutes after I end the call with my step mom. My mom on the line, her boyfriend is in the hospital after having seizures.

onAIM, various conversations about nothing at all.

My day so far? Pretty normal, even with the 10+ hours at the store today re-doing a bunch of people's work. Grr.
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Four Things before bed:
  1. I love the craft, the mechanics, the seedy underbelly of writing. I love learning how other people create their characters in RPGS, how other writer's spin the backgrounds for their novels, how the pro's do the things that they do, etc etc. Much as I adore Blogs as voyeurism with a safety net.
  2. I love dialogue and hate writing descriptions. As such, most of my RPG posts are filled with description. Go figure.
  3. I use to be very linear with my thoughts, thinking in bullet points when the other kindergarteners were still finger painting. Know my brain has become a mass of disorganized images, fuzzy recollections, and ever expanding mind-maps/wheels.
  4. I really, really want a slice of pie right now. Meep.
If I am forgetting to do something, I owe you something, or you need something, feel free to comment. I know I'm forgetting a few things... like where my phone is...
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