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These Painted Lies
Fandom: The Hunger Games (spoilers for all three books)
Prompt: 31 days: (September) Take this my darling, for all the damage I have done

I was watching Aliens when, out of nowhere, a 15 minute drabble had appeared on my computer. This is very much a rough draft I'll be editing into something more in the future, but I'm pretty happy to see that hey, the old girl can still drabble! Even if it is depressing and Hunger Games related. XD

His careful brush strokes make it easy to twist solemn lips into the smiles his children should wear. )
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fandom: naruto
characters: Karin, Sakura (spoilers for the most recent manga chapters)
prompt: 31days This is just a secret that happens to involve you

In which Karin fails at writing her own destiny )
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So, Sage and I music meme'd again, and invented a new word: bitsome. Or awetter. Or awebitsometter. Anyway, it is because most of mine ended up ridiculously bitter, with a tiny bit of awesome. I blame this on most of the prompts going to Mara. All of Sage's are pure awesome X0

meme complaining )meme notes )

I'll be tinkering with the meme for a bit, but decided to toss these up and see what people thought.
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fandom: kingdom
characters: Reed, Clover
prompts: 31_days "questions that never breathe" and kingdom100 "odds and ends" (the edited version will resonate with both prompts more, but I've got to take a nap before work shift so posting away!)

if it was up to him, he'd never take that step. )
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1: Our breaths in winter
Matsumoto :D )

25: come the morning and the day winding like dreams
Mara :D )

15: Thermodynamic miracles
Hele :D )

17: This is the death of beauty
Akemi :D )
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I 'finished' a fic and don't know if I should publish it... but when has that ever stopped me? This is very much a draft, but I think it would be good to see where it goes :D

fandom: Et Ego In Arcadia
character: Neve Tamar aka Icarus In Exile
prompt: [livejournal.com profile] 31_days: one pierced moment whiter than the rest (due to be finished on the 17th).

On the fifth day, she tapes 50% over the oxygen gauge and wonders if the next Icarus will fly on wings not crafted of such transparent, desperate lies.  )
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