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Fandom: Kingdom RP
Cast: Reed and Lynn
Prompt: 31_days from January “so far, this has been a one-way tale”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLY! Preamble + Timeline notes )

Reed liked to think he was a master of Lynn’s body language, and didn’t appreciate the reminder he was still a novice )
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There was a change in the way you breathe
Fandom: Kingdom
Cast: Loni, Alex, and a cameo by Deon
Prompt: 31 days “the past takes its meaning from whatever we do right now”
Suggested song: “Stole You Away” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich [vid here]

She was free now, maybe her wings would remember what it felt like to fly )
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fandom: Kingdom
cast: Loni and Val
31_days: light to your lips like daffodils

She's just a girl with a woman's smile )
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fandom: Alice (Syfy)
prompt: Angie's unbirthday prompt, "Did the Hatter ever partake of his own wares? If so, what would he use and how often. Before or after Alice came into his life."

Happy unbirthday Angie! Thank you Sage for helping me fix it <3. Also I love how I totally didn't answer this prompt X3
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fandom: naruto
characters: Karin, Sakura (spoilers for the most recent manga chapters)
prompt: 31days This is just a secret that happens to involve you

In which Karin fails at writing her own destiny )
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fandom: Mystics of Tarot
character: Jaime Fergus
prompt: 31_days: Like a star in chains & Sage&Kol Song Meme 3.0: Thriving Ivory's Runaway.

even now she could see the potential of it in the stars above )
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fandom: kingdom
characters: Reed, Clover
prompts: 31_days "questions that never breathe" and kingdom100 "odds and ends" (the edited version will resonate with both prompts more, but I've got to take a nap before work shift so posting away!)

if it was up to him, he'd never take that step. )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Loni, Val
prompts: 31_days "there's no rush for the year to pass" & kingdom100 "squish," because Sage dared me :P

they knew better than to make promises, not with targets on their feathered, scaled backs )
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fandom: Kingdom
character: Mara (bit of Deon, random!hunter/kid)
prompt: 31_days: where everyone you know never leaves too soon (late drabble)
timeline: Long Decemberish. Uncertain canon-- as always with futurefics, depends on what happens when we get there in game.

She hadn't changed out of the somber black, moving through the quiet house with a trash bag that never seemed to fill
kol: keys to the soul (Keys (ANCD))
fandom: ANCD
character: Dee (current Meresijm, mentions of Marie)
prompt: 31_days: Do you believe in the day that you were born?
timeline: This takes place the day after Meresijm awakens.

Dee leaned her feverish skin against the door, breath shallow and not quite hers, not in the way it had been just two nights ago.
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Fandom: Kingdom
Characters: Mara, Deon
Prompt: 31_days 14. we are like blue flowers trying to live
nothing is the color of her soul )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Loni, Mara
prompt: 31_days November 3rd: we are but weaklings pretending to be tough

Note: this is an initial draft, so there's a lot of telling instead of showing and things being repetitive/obvious. Will edit later <3. 

Of course, darling, I can do anything.  )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Rae
prompts: 31_days: seven for a secret never told

AN: This is very rough and will probably never be edited. But I was tired of seeing it in googledocs ^.^;;

I'm only almost a month late on this one... XD )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Mara & Deon
prompts: 31_days: If I didn't know you, I'd rather not know & fanfic100 Strangers.

Special note: This is the companion to Sage's piece.

ooo, barracuda! )

This will be edited into something decent later on. Consider this Draft #2 XD.
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: some ladies of generation zero (1940s Hunters ftw!)
prompts: [livejournal.com profile] 31_days: the ones that are never said and never explained & fanfic100 Beginnings
It wasn't always a good thing )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Loni, Reed, Keoni
prompt: 31_days Something like a phenomena & fanfic100 Hours
You hurl lava? )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Mara, Deon, others
prompt: Sage's unbirthday drabble: 'One challenges the other dare involving some terrible movie/book/show, something terrible on Twilight levels.' Also satisfies theKingdom100 & fanfic100 prompt of Hoax. :D

I don't understand guys... )
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I 'finished' a fic and don't know if I should publish it... but when has that ever stopped me? This is very much a draft, but I think it would be good to see where it goes :D

fandom: Et Ego In Arcadia
character: Neve Tamar aka Icarus In Exile
prompt: [livejournal.com profile] 31_days: one pierced moment whiter than the rest (due to be finished on the 17th).

On the fifth day, she tapes 50% over the oxygen gauge and wonders if the next Icarus will fly on wings not crafted of such transparent, desperate lies.  )
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The Kiss (that never came)
Fandom: Kingdom!Geldfic
Prompts: 31_days: The 'I accept your apology, but you make me really mad sometimes' Kiss & fanfic100: Broken

Terihan is not surprised when her heat falls around him, the line of her body iron and steel. )
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