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How long have I had Shiny? And how long have I been beating my head on the inability to hook up the computer to George's monitor, thus ensuring me actually being able to *SIT* at my desk?

Yeah. It turned out the problem was so simple. I just had to go to the System Preferences and let it know I wanted to switch displays XD

(Also, this song is probably my favorite song EVER right now. Stupid Avatar Vids >.
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I might have made a gallery of pictures I took of myself using iPhoto already...

So far, the switch to a mac hasn't been that hard. Except for having to think before I select all or try and copy and paste. My AIM program is the only thing giving me grief, and that's on the windows end. GAIM had a fantastically fatal error and, suffice to say, I had no buddies.  I trolled around DBs and LJs for AIM accounts, so if I don't IM you, it probably means I don't have your AIM handle anymore.

Or I secretly hate you. XD
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1:08 PM SHINY ARRIVES IN A BUDGET TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:44 PM Roasting in a vehicle SOMEWHERE IN THE BAY AREA, CA
11:50 AM Valley Fair Apple Store: Bought Keyboard SANTA CLARA, CA
8:13 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery SAN JOSE, CA
6:35 AM At local FedEx facility SAN JOSE, CA
3:01 AM Departed FedEx location SACRAMENTO, CA
12:20 AM Arrived at FedEx location SACRAMENTO, CA
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Yeah... I *just* got home from work. Oye. It ended up being an 11 hour shift tonight!

In other news, tomorrow I have to go to war with Apple. Shiny has been at Apple (prepared for shipment), yet they didn't send the comp out today. And they changed the estimated shipping date from  Aug 24 - Aug 27 to Aug 29 - Aug 31. Which doesn't seem too bad, except the DELIVERY dates jumped from Aug 28 - Aug 31 to Aug 31 - Sep 7. So, that's OVER TEN BUSINESS DAYS (15 DAYS) AFTER I BOUGHT IT. Normally I wouldn't quibble, but Apple clearly says for their standard shipping: "Standard Shipping: Allow five business days for delivery."  Not six days, not seven days, and definitely not ten days.

Dude, I didn't pay that much money to wait HALF A MONTH for my product to arrive. And I can't guarantee that housemates will be able to be here the week of September 7th, so what, I have to cancel my shifts that whole week waiting for FedEx?!
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So, I had this nasty entry all written out, a bona fide angry fist shaken at FedEx for stating they had my adapter 'On FedEx vehicle for delivery' since SATURDAY, when lo and behold, the FedEx delivery man appeared! So, I now have 1/3 of my order, although Shiny has yet to leave wherever Apple is keeping her. SHINY COME TO MOMMA. ;____;.

Also, I don't know if I'm amused or ashamed that I cleaned my dinning room table... for Shiny's arrival.

At this rate, I might as well redub this journal "The Adventures of Shiny! And that other one."
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Last night, I feared my stomach was going to attempt a faithful reenactment of a particular scene from Alien. You know the one. And I had had enough of Stomach's ill temper today. Work was one thing, but to pry me from my beloved Shiny's tech specs? Unacceptable!

It was time to do war with the stomach.

Imodium. Midol (Menstrual formula). Yogurt. Hot pads, applied with extreme persistence to stomach and back (at one point it was wedged in my sports bra, which I must say is a fabulous way of getting out the knots in ones back!). Heavy Sleep. And when I was standing without weaving, a restoring cup of Tazo Chai, doused heavily with soy milk to tame the strong flavor.

As of 11am, I am declaring martial law on Body. So far, no civil unrest, as I am sitting at the desk now, upright, and barely woozy. I think Lappy realizes that he, too, is being replaced, because now he won't load at all. And last night I spent the worst of the pain reading a book on my Dana Wireless, after it initially had a moment of not working itself. This morning, though, George is being remarkably calm, and hasn't had a memory flare up or crashed yet. 

Fever is still a steady 99.1, but according to housemates, my forehead no longer feels like 3pm in the heart of Death Valley, so this can only bode well for my chances of a quick recovery. The good news is I have until 3pm to call in to work and let them know if I can come in for the floorset, so as long as I actually rest (and stop obsessing over Shiny's tech specs) I should be fine. Hopefully. With a lot of tea.


Aug. 24th, 2007 11:22 am
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I might have bought something last night. I might have bought something really expensive and wiped out almost all my savings.

Yes, I might have just bought myself a 13" White MacBook. And yes, I might just be naming the thing Shiny.

I can't wait until it arrives next week *____*.
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In less OMG posting, I've wavering in waiting until October to buy the new computer. George is increasingly more difficult to maneuver, and I would like to be totally attuned to a new product before Nanowrimo. I've been talked into/decided on getting a MacBook, especially since they have the one I want, refurbished, for under a thousand. And then I could wait to upgrade to the new operating system after all the bugs have worked out :D.

I'm going to call my aunt tomorrow and see what she thinks, but don't be surprised if I'm typing from a MacBook in a few weeks. XD

The only question is: what FTP software works on Macs (I have had WS_FTP for YEARS)? And what AIM program is the closest to GAIM/Pigeon? I need to do my homework instead of being enchanted by the Curio and Scrivener programs. XD

(PS: I got my tax return, FINALLY. I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE TINY BITS OF MONEY. Not as bad as the CA return-- after sea otter donations, I think I got like, 5 or 9 bucks back. Can't remember which!)


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