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fandom: ANCD’s Cloud Keep AU
cast: Dee, Galen (+ mention of Julian)
prompt: 31_days, “tiny little erosions”
note: So I wrote the draft zero for this way back in 2011, but when I was showing off the accompanying chibis I’d done for the piece, I realized I never got around to finishing this story and decided it was high time to get this in the can!

some naruto terms )


I thought I’d do you a favor— you know rummaging around in my insides is the only action you’ve seen in weeks. )
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Ever After is on! Oh how I adore everything this movie choses to be! And I am entirely too amused that when I paused the movie to begin this entry, Henry's codpiece is taking up a fair portion of the screen XD. Life's not-so-little amusements <3.  

Progress Notes:
  • 980 words on She Walks The Stars Reborn (Unbirthday drabble #1)
  • 1 Venti Chai Latte and 1 Cup of Chai Latte
  • (9 hour work shift)
  • Third day of No-Soda-For-Kol
  • Possibly successfully plotted out how to finish Coffee Log!!!
And the solution for the last was, as always, oh so apparent once I stopped freaking out about how I can't write and thought about what made sense for the narrative. Oh writer brain, how nice it is to see you again :D

I have to say, a part of me has always been convinced I can't write without soda or sugar. But yesterday night and today has proved that dude, you can do this.  
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Because I was bored and wasting time before my 3pm shift:

Pink/Red White/Or/Yellow Green Blue Purple Brown
 Neve (dyed)
Jaime (dyed)
 Ikiro Oskar Dolom

This chart is essentially in order from lightest to darkest. William is auburn, so technically he could fit under the brown category, but his hair gets redder the longer he's in Thor state, so I planted him firmly in the red category. Some names are listed twice to show both their natural and current hair colors. These are only characters I have played within the last ten years and none of my Star Wars/Pern characters (they were all brunettes anyway). 

It was fun discovering that all of my male characters from the last ten years that I have actually played in a log have red hair or dye their hair red in genderbent AUs (oh Reed/Scarlet XD). Most of my characters are born brunettes, with their hair changing through chemical (Neve & Jaime) or magical (Mara & Loni) means. 2 of my blond characters have roots a different color-- Momo (natural) and Akemi (bad dye job). My green and blue haired characters have very dark hair, while my purple girls have very pale hair. I only have one truly pink haired character (who will kick your ass if you think she's a girly-girl), and my only black haired characters are a raccoon and a space pirate who both have more than their share of natural grey. I only have 2 characters with glasses (a fact that surprised me, since I thought I had a lot more). 

I am pretty amused that all of my Kingdom characters are brunettes by birth X3.

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I think I met a lot of my goals this month, especially considering the depression and the computer crash. I lost all of my pictures. Not only did I rediscover foodporn settings on my camera, but I took quite a few landscape photos, neighborhood shots, and did lots of shots while on vacation.Pictures of Carmel, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and around Kolsbeckistan. Also, birthday bundtinis!!!! )

March Goal: Santana Row, Rose garden, possibly the nunnery. *___*

Art & Sketches

6! That's right, one more than last month! Clover & Reed, a couple Neves, and a few chibi's from the Cloudnin AU. )

March Goal: STILL need to do a series of sketches to regain my ability to draw Neve and Mara's faces without references once more.

RP Tags, Fanfiction & Drabbles

I did not do as much this month as I had hoped, but considering I lost so much when my harddrive crashed at the beginning of the month and mood was seriously down due to a bunch of things, I'm not going to beat myself up. I've had a few good posts the last month, I just have to be more consistent about getting them out.

Killer in Me
The Fandom: ANCD's Cloudnin AU
Subject: Dee & Galen
Comments: This is a rough draft, but I fricking love where this drabble is going. *___* I've been having a problem getting back into the drabble side of writing, and this proved that I can still get there.

March Goal: My monthly average will be 2 tags a week and 1 drabble a week. Will reach this goal!!!
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Killer In Me
fandom: ANCD’s Cloud Keep AU
cast: Dee, Galen (+ mention of Julian)
prompt: 31_days, “tiny little erosions”
note: This is very much in progress, and subject to change on whim. I decided to try Sage’s method of writing dialogue first, so I’ll probably be editing this a lot to get my usual flow. This isn’t dark enough for what I had initially in mind, but I like the dialogue so I’m going ahead and posting this as a draft zero. Will post another draft at some point in the future ^.^;;

She woke up in the hospital, never a good sign.
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So last night while we were watching Dragon Ball Z Kai,* I was multitasking and viewing the latest chapter of Naruto.** Unsurprisingly the topic of the Killer family came about and a new AU was immediately born thanks to Sage's brilliance. You see, one of my favorite characters in Naruto is this magnificent bastard here, Killer B. He's the younger brother of ninja village's leader, Killer A and together they are the bestest bros EVER. Just read their tropes page guys. Killer A, Killer B, I wonder what's next? How about ... Killer Dee?*** XDD

*Trunk has finally arrived! I love how one scene was enough to cement him as omfgilovethisguy!status
***Holy crud Kol needs to buy a scanner already. Shiny's mounted camera, WHY SO MUCH FAIL?!.

Behind the cut: ANCD!Naruto AU art! One ridiculous quick outfit sketch and 3 chibis. You have been warned. XD )

Normally I'd wait to post all of this with at least a drabble, but Sage liked the chibi's so I said the heck with it and here we are XD. I guess February is RPG AU month? XD
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I remain the biggest dork. RH/12 Kingdoms organization dorkiness behind the cut and one lame arse pic )

Although I'd planned for an easy day, it certainly surprised me with how much organization that I accomplished. Obviously there was the sorting of my RH notes. But I also figured out my Superbowl plans (I was invited to 3 different parties *___*), got in touch with everyone in the family I needed to, and continued adding stuff to the RPG dump,  I attacked my google docs, utilizing all sorts of tricks Pixie showed me in Vegas (hopefully I organized the heap into something more useful!). AND I remembered to add it to my Safari RSS feed viewer, which alerts me when things are updated are regularly saves my online life. Shiny's file hierarchy remains organized and I laid down another sheet of contact paper in my pantry. I have my schedule for next week at work and I have absolutely no shopping left to do. 

I think I've earned my LUSH time out :P. 
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Not quite ready to put my thoughts about the totally fabulous Vegas vacation in order yet, but I did have enough brain to work on the good old RP profile dump. ^.^;;

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Guess what came in the mail today?

Now that I have reference materials for The Twelve Kingdoms, I'm confident I won't screw Keigo up. He's been fun to let tumble around in my head, getting the kinks out as I dive into the series. And I have to say, the first book so far has been vastly superior to the anime. I'm not bothered by the main character like I was in the anime, which confirms it was the voice actor I had major issues with and not the actual character.

Leverage returns tonight, but as have an unfortunate midnight shift, I fear I'll be missing it due to emergency sleep session so I am not brain dead at work ;___;. My beloved con peeps will have to wait for tomorrow ;___;
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So, Sage and I music meme'd again, and invented a new word: bitsome. Or awetter. Or awebitsometter. Anyway, it is because most of mine ended up ridiculously bitter, with a tiny bit of awesome. I blame this on most of the prompts going to Mara. All of Sage's are pure awesome X0

meme complaining )meme notes )

I'll be tinkering with the meme for a bit, but decided to toss these up and see what people thought.
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My attempt to backdoor an LJpost on dreamwidth works! *____*

VLOG: In which Kol rambles on the crazy weather and being super sick! Also features me begging people to spam with what they want done since I'm home sick anyway (drabbles/posts/whatever!), and a special note on how everyone at CC is and forever will remain awesome. I love you guys <3.
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So, I got addicted to watching videos of Roombas. I've always loved those little suckers, and I desperately want one (even though apartment isn't really large enough to justify the expense). One of my RPG characters even had Roomba-esque minions.
And, naturally, talk of the roombas infected chats today.  )

Brain is very much in novel-prep mode. Trying unsuccessfully to get back into the roleplaying vibe, but I keep editing and editing and editing until I'm just TIRED of these stupid posts. Someone be my sockpuppet so I don't have to play my characters ;____;
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10 things I did for happy on hiatus )

And now I'm going to take a moment to reason with my stomach before it explodes from happy!fooding *___*. And I check on one of my housemates-- she had to go to the ER this morning because she couldn't breathe. Poor thing has a corporate visit tomorrow and she can't come into work. I did go in to help out at her store today after working at MY store, only to face.... her back room flooding with 3" of fast moving suspiciously not-clear water.

Totally going to buy a lotto ticket tomorrow.
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This is mostly just for Sage-- ended up crashing before finished crack fic. Puppies in .mov format perhaps? original avi here without music and extra pics <3.

Why yes, I spent my hiatus with Gramps and puppies and both 'sets' of parents. Lots of happy. I'll be back officially tomorrow night.
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Chimi Editing Day 1:Colorized editing notes ftw! )
& Obligatory Chimi Art Dump:

Bunches more behind cut )

Are you hungry? The Apple Stuffing I made for Black Friday at work:
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Chimi is finally done. And to think, I only started her in what, 2002? *___*. SO DIFFERENT, and yet at the same time, strangely, some things are still the same-- like her first attack. XD

She's going out to a few people for beta-ing, though, because I can already tell I've written myself into a corner in a few places.

But. DONE. Now to finish sketches on the city Shikagan and the few Chimi-related sketches I started last week...
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Because you know Dee's not going to look at Galen for the first time and see a guy out of a romance novel...

In the Midst of the Crowd:

DeeDee was late. Sodding hell, she hated being late. It was always something these days, since that awful night at the tube. But today, she wasn't going to let any of that freak show stop her. Not today. Dee shoved her way through the mass of people, cursing whoever decided it would be a good idea to have a naffin' party right there in the bloody street. Vicious glares, hot enough to melt a zombie, were cast at any who dared not give way to her.

She just couldn't miss that train--

Her feet stopped before her brain connected the dots and came up with HIM, slouching right in front of her! The face right out of her blasted dreams, memories, of which he'd been in, always there, always bloody there, that face attached to a sodding giant that always towering above her, arms always poised to sweep her from harms way. Or cuff her a good one for being right stupid.

Insides shrank, twisting and tearing, as her posture curled within itself; she emerged five years old, with eyes only for HIM.

"Uncle Asiel?!" Her shock spilled from gapping mouth as she took every inch of him in, remembering, just superposed over a body fresh before her, as mind and soul argued themselves torn; to hug or to run the hell away. Especially after France.

But Dee did neither, facing burning as her lips closing around a teenager's mocking, defensive laugh. "My God, you look like a gorilla!"

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