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She's Going Out
fandom: Kingdom
prompt: alternate Long December AU thinger. Mara-centric. Uh bizarrely, the other day I was wondering, is it possible to reverse the November situation so that Mara is the one who runs off, even for just for a week or so? What would possibly get her to do that? Where would she go, what would she be hunting (if she leaves to go hunting at all)? How would you imagine the reactions of the others to go?Authors note: this piece can be summed up in one word: BITSOME.  )

The Tragedy of Ozrifar and Clastram
fandom: MoT
prompt: Maybe something based in the past, what kind of relationship did Star have to Pentacles? Or Death or Fool? Or anyone? I'm just dorky and want to see Mystics stuff. Obviously you have a ridiculous amount of leeway where nonexistent characters are concerned, but STILL. There were no heroes in the past, a court of sinners and saints who simply hadn't discovered their sins yet.  )
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So, Sage and I music meme'd again, and invented a new word: bitsome. Or awetter. Or awebitsometter. Anyway, it is because most of mine ended up ridiculously bitter, with a tiny bit of awesome. I blame this on most of the prompts going to Mara. All of Sage's are pure awesome X0

meme complaining )meme notes )

I'll be tinkering with the meme for a bit, but decided to toss these up and see what people thought.
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Fandom: Kingdom
Characters: Mara, Deon
Prompt: 31_days 14. we are like blue flowers trying to live
nothing is the color of her soul )
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Mara & Deon
prompts: 31_days: If I didn't know you, I'd rather not know & fanfic100 Strangers.

Special note: This is the companion to Sage's piece.

ooo, barracuda! )

This will be edited into something decent later on. Consider this Draft #2 XD.
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fandom: Kingdom
characters: Mara, Deon, others
prompt: Sage's unbirthday drabble: 'One challenges the other dare involving some terrible movie/book/show, something terrible on Twilight levels.' Also satisfies theKingdom100 & fanfic100 prompt of Hoax. :D

I don't understand guys... )
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What She Didn't See
Fandom: Kingdom
Prompts: 31_days: Wasn't that a time we had, and bless you for it & fanfic100: Touch

Cheating to win shot wars wasn't good form )

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