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Decided to round out the day by a photo-entry! Mostly because I'm trying to ignore the fact I need to go to sleep in an hour. Stupid 5AM shift ;___;

My To-Read pile has gotten so large, I had to prune 5 books and resort to double stacks. And this is not including the six ebooks ready to be read on my computer. I am never going to get through my To-Read pile ;_____;
Behold, reason #23 why my house rocks the most: our arcade game, with a very special game in particular for you Moonies on the list... )And here is a rose to you guys, from our front yard :D )
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I think I met a lot of my goals this month, especially considering the depression and the computer crash. I lost all of my pictures. Not only did I rediscover foodporn settings on my camera, but I took quite a few landscape photos, neighborhood shots, and did lots of shots while on vacation.Pictures of Carmel, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and around Kolsbeckistan. Also, birthday bundtinis!!!! )

March Goal: Santana Row, Rose garden, possibly the nunnery. *___*

Art & Sketches

6! That's right, one more than last month! Clover & Reed, a couple Neves, and a few chibi's from the Cloudnin AU. )

March Goal: STILL need to do a series of sketches to regain my ability to draw Neve and Mara's faces without references once more.

RP Tags, Fanfiction & Drabbles

I did not do as much this month as I had hoped, but considering I lost so much when my harddrive crashed at the beginning of the month and mood was seriously down due to a bunch of things, I'm not going to beat myself up. I've had a few good posts the last month, I just have to be more consistent about getting them out.

Killer in Me
The Fandom: ANCD's Cloudnin AU
Subject: Dee & Galen
Comments: This is a rough draft, but I fricking love where this drabble is going. *___* I've been having a problem getting back into the drabble side of writing, and this proved that I can still get there.

March Goal: My monthly average will be 2 tags a week and 1 drabble a week. Will reach this goal!!!
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So, we recently had a lot of casting news for the next X-men movie, which is going to act as a prequel. And all I can say is THIS CAST MAKES ME GO GUH.
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Chimi Editing Day 1:Colorized editing notes ftw! )
& Obligatory Chimi Art Dump:

Bunches more behind cut )

Are you hungry? The Apple Stuffing I made for Black Friday at work:
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I finally got around to organizing most of my photos on George-- the first are from 2002, and since I take a bazillion pictures of myself, I figured I'd show off 2 for each year. XD

1. I am never bleaching my hair again
2. Dude, you can totally tell my hair has been naturally darkening each year, even without the bleaching incident. My current hair color is too dark to be considered blonde, I think ;____;. Must sit in sun a bit XD
3. I spared you bad pics. By bad, I mean pictures of my various injuries. I figured the bandaid-one worked, but you totally didn't need to see the mess I made of my face in 2005 when I went SPLAT on my face. Ow. XD.
4. I need to take more candid pics. I swear, I have the same half-smile on my lips in EVERY PIC.
5. ... I really need to clean my bathroom mirror. XD
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First of all, Paintshop Pro is working on George, so as long as I don't go too crazy on the brushes I can use it for arts. YAY. This icon would have come out so much better in photoshop though ;___;


Alright, to redeem myself for being so freakishly consumer oriented tonight, here are the promised Puppy Pics:

And that is all for tonight XD
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The computer issues are partially why I've been gone most of the month. But 'busy' was the biggest reason.

But it wasn't 'bad busy.' Family is not only avoiding angst, but actually having a lot of fun together. Tomorrow I'm hosting a scrabble and 'sghetti night, so that should be entertaining. My Aunt #3 and I are going to go to Maui in May, so we've been sending each other e-mails like mad about the details. Which, considering both of us are on health kicks right now, is mostly promises to avoid the awesome food and to try out all the hiking trails we've been finding online. And daily I send off my "DeFatting Nicole Update," which actually has been motivating me to exercise more than anything else.

Other busy excuses: taxes (urg), work (got a raise), writing (Suds takes up my free time like woah!), exercising (Elyptical Rider! Walking DVDS!), photography (caught a good pic of the Goodyear Blimp earlier this week), and... Netflix. We get movies pretty much every other day, which usually means me having movie marathons pretty regularly. Plus, TiVo. So, I've been busy, in a good way!

RPG Bits )

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