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I've written a lot of fandom specific fanfic so far this year, so I figured I'd just do a post to link it all together. Eventually I'll go through and do one for RPG drabbles & fanfic, too :D

* Sin of Living: After battle, Toph seeks a celebration of a different kind.
* A Ring, But Not For Her Sokka/Toph: Sometimes, if you truly love someone, you have to let them go. And sometimes, your wildest dreams come true...
* Waiting is Boring! Sokka & Toph during Firebending Masters.
* The Hundred Word Blush Smellerbee & Longshot drabble.
* The Midnight Guru: Toph helps Sokka deal with a nightmare.
* Her First Kiss: Suki settles down to have a talk with Toph after the earthbender storms off.
* Road of a Blank Verse #1: The Lost: Since I'm redoing this series post-finale, this one is changing. Takes place in my AU, where Aang goes back in time and takes down Sozin-- changing EVERYTHING.

* Something 'bout the way you looked at me: Aang wished war was as simple as picking airball teams. (Oh Aang & Zuko BFFs <3<3)
* Road of a Blank Verse #2: Cling to Hollow Hope: again, since I'm redoing this series post-finale, this one is changing. Takes place in my AU, where Aang goes back in time and takes down Sozin-- changing EVERYTHING.
* Not the Confession She Was Looking For: Sokka didn't like paper fans. At least, not when Toph carried them. (Part one of two, never finished the second part. will probably edit :D).

* Neutral Jin #1: Waiting: AU post Western Air Temple. The sky slips into the ocean, but Toph remains on her ledge, the perfect student of neutral jin. Part 1 in Neutral Jin series.
* Neutral Jin #2: The Universe's Lesson: Au post Western Air Temple. Aang would have liked to say that the six years in prison had been spent creating the perfect plan...
* The Broken Throne: Avatar crossover with a Sailormoon game. What? Zuko deals with his father's demise and gains a new-- and old-- position.

* Neutral Jin #3: Treading The Firelord's Road : Au post Western Air Temple. Part 3 in Neutral Jin series. Yay for Sokka <3.
* Life Doesn't Have an Ending: The War is Over-- Now What?

* More Than Just A Boy: Sometimes, those who come back from war are changed. Part 1 of a series I'm not sure if I'll continue, dealing with the wounds the kids face ten years post-war. This one focuses, as does most my stuff, on Toph and was actually written in April XD

* Twist And Shout: The Pretender. Her voice is raw whiskey, burning as he swallows her words with his possessive lips(Note: this is possible my only adult fanfic of the year XD).
* Numbed Depths: Battlestar Galatica. An unedited crazy Kara fic, set before Lee visits Kara in the brig. I really need to edit this XD
* Nice: Psych. “She’s nice,” he allowed, chewing carefully on the edge of his thumbnail. (implied onesided Shawn/Jules, Shawn & Gus = BROTP :D)
* She, Alone Baby's first Bleach fic. When Ken-chan finally told Yachiru the story of her namesake, she knew her Taichō's end was near.
* Bound and Branded: Comics/Smallville e-mail story featuring how the Black Canary really got into the League and... well... Chloe being awesome XD
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This post stands as the official directory for Road of a Blank Verse fics. I tend to write out of order, so this serves as a way to read the story in chronological order if you wish.

What is Verse? An Avatar AU. + A bunch of other stuff XD )

Aang's Departure

The Vapor Sequence
1. The Lost
2. Cling to Hollow Hope
3. Doubly Beaten
4. Find thy Rescue
5. Before Adventure Begins

The Swamp Sequence
6. The Sunken Pier
7. Lost My Heart and In Omashu (occur at the same time)
8. The Mystery of Toph
9. We Flee in Style
10. The Swamp Consumed
11. We Caught Ourselves an Avatar

The Ice Sequence
12. Chains of Pebble Stone
13. Bind the Princess and the Bandit
14. Clad in a Thousand Stars
15. All the World Falls
16. Before the Promise of the Moon

1. The Burning Throne
2. Neither Sun Nor Winter
3. Vows Earth to Water

As you might have seen, each of the sequences titles can be read as a line (chains of pebble stone bind the princess and the bandit, the lost cling to hollow hope, find they rescue before adventure begins, etc). If you read carefully, you can tell exactly what the endgame is. Particularly with regard to pairings. XD

Cast of Characters (includes spoilers)
Main POV characters (listed in order of story importance) )
Minor characters )

Q&AI'd have FAQ here, but I doubt anyone would ask any questions XD )
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edit: FFN finally started working, so chapter two of Verse is up. Chapter One and Chapter Two :D.

Still need to cut 2,000 words off chapter three before it emerges from the catacombs of macbook library ;)
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Yes. New ficjournal. I'm moving commentary on TV shows over to this journal too; all personal stuff is going to stay on lainiekins :D. But before I head out for the night, some bits on BSG:

BSG Manifesto )
BSG Meta on Airing, Finale, WGA Strike, & Faith )


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