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A Photospamy Guide to catch everyone on the FLIST up on Bleach!

It is impossible to boil the past 380 chapters of Bleach into one single, coherent entry. So this is the first of many guides to catch everyone up on Bleach (so I have people to glee with). The majority of the scans are from onemanga. :DBehind the cut: PICTURE SPAM LIKE WHOA )

Next time? NAKAMA TIMES! In which we get to meet Ichigo's new crimefighting soul saving buddies and learn more about these darn pesky hollows!

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1: Our breaths in winter
Matsumoto :D )

25: come the morning and the day winding like dreams
Mara :D )

15: Thermodynamic miracles
Hele :D )

17: This is the death of beauty
Akemi :D )
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Song!meme returns! Yes, this is what Sage and I ninja'ed up during chats tonight.

1. Pick a character, pairing, a fandom, whatever you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle. (I made a playlist with 45 songs, since I have a TON of tiny tiny songs from soundtracks, but I *did* put it on shuffle <3)
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards! (I only cheated once with the last one, but I did edit after because I don't write in order. The titles were all the first lines I wrote ;))
4. Do ten six of these, then post them.

Sage's marvelous collection can be found here. I have 2 of the songs uploaded, btw, the rest are links to youtube vids <3.

Fandom: Kingdom
Prompts: song!meme "Lockdown Shelter — team9 vs. Stereogum" & fanfic100: air

a shadow pulling wrongess until itself )

Fandom: Bleach
Prompts: song!meme "I Want You - Kings of Leon"

he teases a smile, but the cost is too much )

Fandom: Kingdom
Prompts: song!meme "Daylight - Coldplay" & fanfic100: storm

the bay swallows the sun )

Fandom: Chaos Crisis
Prompts: song!meme "Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation"

she wasn't sixteen anymore )

Fandom: Kingdom
Prompts: song!meme "Somersault - Zero 7" & fanfic100 taste

the sidewalk in dry, but Mara is still careful as she maneuvers the bicycle down the path. )

Fandom: Avatar
Prompt: song!meme "Me and the Moon - Something Corporate" (I totally cheated with this one, the song played four or five times XD)

people with sight were just weird )

Yay I steal from Sage again XD )
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She, Alone
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: Um, mention of gore? Character Death?
Challenge Fic: For the 31_days prompt, 2: All this leads to one outcome

Note: Cheated and split fic into 3 parts. Have finished the middle part, so you WILL be getting that as soon as the prompt comes up ;). Fic inspired by this piece of Bleach fanart.

... the tattered ends curling in the wind.  )Author's Notes, Spec, & Call-backs )
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I watched 6-7 last night, dubbed versions, so I don't have any initial thoughts beyond I liked them both and wow, Ichigo's english VA? Hilarious XD. Rukia's isn't all that different, IMO, which is hilarious, too. Anyway, moving on:

Episode 8: Memories in the Rain
Bullet Points: Once again, everything is Ichigo's Fault XD )
Episode 9: Unbeatable Enemy
Bullets + Avatar giggle. SPARKLY MOON POWERS.  )
Episode 10: Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!
Bullets + THE MEDIUM GUY. Who made me fall out of bed. Caps inside! )
Episode 11: The Legendary Quincy
Bullets, more caps, and introducing, LAMEZILLA. Who is lame ;( )
Episode 12: A Gentle Right Arm
Bullets, fanservice, & more LAMEZILLA! )
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Note: I'm on prescription cough meds, so might not be making the most sense. Read on at own risk.

Initial Credits: eh, boring, don't like the music-- WTF evil crazy teddy bear? AHH NIGHTMARES. Okay, they caught my attention.

Episode 1: The Day I Became a Shinigami
Episode Bullets + Commentary at End )
Episode 2: The Shinigami's Work
Episode Bullets; tiny bit of commentary )
Episode 3: The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
Episode Bullets! Kind of predictable, though. )
Episode 4: Cursed Parakeet
Episode Bullets! + CREEPY BIRD OMG )
Episode 5: Beat the Invisible Enemy!
Episode Bullets! + My first OH SHOW :D )

In short? BLEACH IS AWESOME. I can't wait to get to Nanao-chan XD
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