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This stomach flu is ridiculous, you guys. I've lost seven pounds since Monday, my taste buds are on crack, can't sleep at night (and only manage bursts of 2 hours, if that, when I do), and the act of walking five feet winds me.

So yeah, that's  been happening!

And none of it matters because the good news is today I started recovering enough to sit up in bed! Yay! Victory! Which means...

FUCK YEAH GIANTS AND DS9 CATCHUP! Which I have learned actually go pretty well together, since Deep Space Nine is very baseball friendly :DDDDD. Z YOU SHALL HAVE MY DS9 THOUGHTS WHEN IT DOESN'T TAKE ME SIX HOURS TO TYPE UP SHORT ENTRIES :DDD.

Speaking of baseball...

Someone put up a print of Ruben's Run! Arguably the most ridiculous base running ever! Seriously, go watch this. Ahh, I will never have a use for such a print, but that totally made my day XD.

Cracked Out Tastebuds! A snippit of my investigation for SCIENCE! with Fly XD )
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Things I have dropped in the last 24 hours:
  • Plate, previously broken, broke again along the super-glu after terribly exciting moment in DS9. Probably shouldn't watch this while cleaning?
  • Wine glass, which unlike the so-called-sturdy plate, remained whole and unblemished. Suspect left over lambic has turned my glassware into superheroes. Kind of want to make little capes now. :D
  • My computer, off the bed, somehow still playing Adventure Time even though the screen shut during the fall. Computer likes Adventure Time I guess? o.0;;
  • Tub of margarine, onto the floor I just dry shampooed. @(*#@$(
  • Twice. :LSKDJFSDJF
  • Baby Vacuum, spilling its contents over the section of rug that ended up being cleaned THREE TIMES. @)#*#@$*(#@$
  • Glass of beer, all over the couch, floor, cushions, blanket, rug. Even though I had maybe a swallow and a half left. wtf beer, did you grow five sizes at my excitement over cake?! Cake was totally worthy of that level of excitement, btw Sage. :DDDD
  • Box of nails, that I finally picked up off the ground after the last spill, only to drop again and spill all over my chef's mat. I am back to glaring at their dull metal, waiting for them to apologize or pick themselves up. Again. 
  • Full bottle of water, trying to take ibuprofen after crippling abdominal pain this morning. Thankfully all landed on towel. Things are looking up!
  • (Ominous six hour gap between dropping things)
  • Pasta prongs, covered in tomato sauce, on my white printed chair. How no spaghetti sauce ended up being left behind, the world may never know. Strongly suspect it was my fearsome glare that prohibited stain from forming. It was a mighty glare. 
Somehow during this rather remarkable case of the dropsies, I managed to avoid dropping the cake. I TAKE THIS AS A VICTORY :DDD

Although I intended this to be an office day, crippling stomach pain and 5AM shift tomorrow have defeated that mandate. Instead I'm going to go out and hobble around taking some rose pictures before tackling the rest of my dishes. And, you know, probably pick up those darned insolent nails before I step on one *___*. 
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Had to wake up early for an on-call shift and I'm pre-migrane to top the remaining ache in jaw (thankfully, down to a lingering numbness 1 on the pain scale). Last night? Different story.  )Minor work dramatics )


Jan. 23rd, 2008 04:33 am
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ME: This is getting really fricken annoying. BRAIN, JUST TURN OFF ALREADY.
BRAIN: :P. I want to stay up!
BODY: *not tired at all!* LETS GO RUN A MARATHON.
ME: *weeps*

Can someone please come to Santa Clara and just knock me out already?!

edit: Was just thinking of passing out, when I got confused looking at a thread on snarkfest that had, strangely enough, postings from February already. "Why are they posting from the future?" I thought, until I realized, duh, it was from February 2007.

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Scene: 12:30AM. Kol is trying to get to sleep, and then, suddenly:
Teeth; Yeah, sorry about that, just making sure you were paying attention.
Teeth: *spits out another filling*
Teeth: We can always knock out another one, but we rather thought the point was made...
Teeth: Okay.... then maybe we should stop with plan b.
I don't even want to know.

Have secured new dentist; new dentist is unusually busy; jury duty and SAS are biggest scheduling obstacles. After 1 hour of sleep, got up at 6, rode to Longs, and purchased more temp fillings, which I used to secure mouth after I ingested enough liquids to keep me going for the work day. Shift was cut short AGAIN, but I am not complaining at all, because am still pissed off about the continual cardboard stupidity my co-workers are indulging in.

Since top molars are all affected, I am in need of liquid/soft food recs. I have been eating tamales like a mofo, and am adding soup (tried to get the lowest sodium tomato bisque that I could) and more chocolate soy milk and jello to the mix. Am not sure what else I can add that I won't have to chew very much, if at all. It was very difficult trying to devour a chocolate using only front teeth (although I managed XD).

But yes, today's emoticon!Kol was definitely: *___*.
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Me: Lost weight? :D!!
Body: Uh, no.
Me: Suddenly sprouted money limbs?
Body: Look, we should just let Teeth tell you.
Me: ....
Teeth: *broken gibberish*
Me: ....
Body: Yeah, about that-- Teeth might have lost a filling. Or... two.
Me: >.<!!!!!

So somehow in the next month I have to mount at least a crap load of money for:
a) replacing all fillings, including the TWO that fell out ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE MOUTH this week, as well as possibly getting a crown AND getting wisdom teeth removed
b) getting health insurance
c) getting additional dental insurance. I have 400 now. Um. Crap.
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Pre-Thanksgiving tonight (er, the 18th)! Not enough time to try the stuffing muffins recipe, but the food was delicious and I got to have my Thanksgiving pie <3.Brain vs Body: Why I'm awake at 2AM )

Long story short-- past 3-4 days, I've been going to sleep around 6-9, getting 5 hours of sleep, and then staying up all night. Which beats last weeks 2-3 hours of sleep, but not by much.

No wonder I haven't written anything in the novel in a week. XD
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Last night, I feared my stomach was going to attempt a faithful reenactment of a particular scene from Alien. You know the one. And I had had enough of Stomach's ill temper today. Work was one thing, but to pry me from my beloved Shiny's tech specs? Unacceptable!

It was time to do war with the stomach.

Imodium. Midol (Menstrual formula). Yogurt. Hot pads, applied with extreme persistence to stomach and back (at one point it was wedged in my sports bra, which I must say is a fabulous way of getting out the knots in ones back!). Heavy Sleep. And when I was standing without weaving, a restoring cup of Tazo Chai, doused heavily with soy milk to tame the strong flavor.

As of 11am, I am declaring martial law on Body. So far, no civil unrest, as I am sitting at the desk now, upright, and barely woozy. I think Lappy realizes that he, too, is being replaced, because now he won't load at all. And last night I spent the worst of the pain reading a book on my Dana Wireless, after it initially had a moment of not working itself. This morning, though, George is being remarkably calm, and hasn't had a memory flare up or crashed yet. 

Fever is still a steady 99.1, but according to housemates, my forehead no longer feels like 3pm in the heart of Death Valley, so this can only bode well for my chances of a quick recovery. The good news is I have until 3pm to call in to work and let them know if I can come in for the floorset, so as long as I actually rest (and stop obsessing over Shiny's tech specs) I should be fine. Hopefully. With a lot of tea.
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Brain: eeuurgh, what is that noise?
Body: aaaaarrrrggghhhh, braiiinnnnsss.
Brain: Shut up body; eurgh, too sick for work. Body, call work!
Body: No!
Body: You don't control me!
Body: *sulks* Reaches for cellphone & dials work.

Two doses of the orange stuff and I feel almost alive. Yay, feeble joy!
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