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 The good news: Went onto the company website to brace myself for Friday's paycheck and was surprised to see I was somehow off my estimate by nearly 200 dollars. Which means I can BPAL and Aromaleigh now, though not as much as I might like to ^.^;;

The bad news: I'm showing all the signs of an early CB attack, complete with coughing up during the night and wobbly morning legs that have me crashing into things. Thankfully my tv is burly and can survive me stumbling into it at o dark thirty.

The potentially good news: Apartment remodel is slowly coming back online. I found the perfect set of blinds and got them cleared by housemates, so when Aunt #3 gets back from vacation we get to order them! And it is looking like I might get her old flat screen this month. The only problem, I don't know when Santa Clara's spring dump is going to be or when Aunt #3 will bring the tv, so it might end up me being without a tv for a week-- or more! But... new tv! I have to work out some kind of a stand for it *___*. 
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Mar. 25th, 2009 08:27 pm
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I am sitting on the floor outside of my aunt's bathroom, researching how to install molly/toggle screws (and learning we've done pretty much everything wrong XD). I love the internet and youtube videos! Totally should have thought of this before we put a huge hole in the wall XD.

The day is ending very nicely (guacamole, fake beer, good company <3), which makes up for this morning of mild panic and increasing frenzy. Mum canceled, poor thing managed to catch a super flu in the ten hours between phone calls, but even with this additional time I did not get the apartment 100% ready to go. This is in large part due to finding even more things I had to fix, like the *other* overhead light going out. At least apartment will be nice and bright when I get back tomorrow!

Still have not located the camera, but Aunt is letting me borrow hers! <333. I will spam you guys later with awesome pictures I am sure ;).

We have a plan tomorrow for IKEA; unfortunately they don't have the sofa I want in stock, so we're going to move that to stage 2 and move up the procuring of new dining room chairs. Which means I can still invite people over, providing they don't mind sitting on these the whole time.

Alas, cannot gush further, as forgot Shiny's power cord in Santa Clara and am seriously depleted on power. Catch you guys later! <3333333


Mar. 21st, 2009 10:00 pm
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Every inch of the apartment has been gone through, and still no camera. Good thing I haven't tossed any of the garbage bags yet, right? XD BSG finale thoughts later, because right now, apartment squee times! Guess what I did over the past 48 hours? :DD

(click for larger w/ text :D) Desk Dismantled! ROCK ON! )
Apartment TODO remaining: )

Meanwhile, after Friday's easter candy relapse (they had Cadbury eggs! ON SALE! I ate FOUR IN A ROW!), I had a pretty good 'diet' day, diving into two delicious salads (mmmm grape tomatoes!) and not going over my calorie totals. I love days off, so much easier to stay on the 'diet' :D.

Now there's an episode of Venture Bros with my name on it...
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I found Shiny's remote! And a buck twenty in change! And my lightsaber! And a gross amount of dust! Still no clue where the camera is, but at least I've narrowed down where it could be XD. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to sort through tonight, so I'm not technically on, but can be reached if you are sneaky ;). More pictures of the move here; bed was like this and this before.

I'm going to have to figure out how to stash all the stuff I'm getting rid of until the big Spring Clean. I have a lot of stuff going this year *__*
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First of all: [livejournal.com profile] ren_sama, a certain someone found your book and will be bringing it to work. I will take it and give it to you next time I see you <33.

Secondly: some of you may be aware I've been planning on remodeling the apartment for almost two years now. Well, we have a plan, and it looks like April-June will be spent Fixing The Apartment ZOMG!

The plan is behind the cut along with crappy Kol diagram and hilariously bad pics! )

I've been prepping the apartment the last few days, hand-measuring everything with my 10' ruler on my hole punch as someone lost the tape measurer. XD. I still can't find my camera, but I'll see what I can do after the bed gets moved tomorrow. I'm horrified what is going to end up under it-- miles and miles of dust? Actual plot bunnies meticulously planning my doom?! Maybe even my camera?! *___*.
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I continue to want to be Heidi Klum when I grow up. BEST COSTUME. I JUST. HER FACE. AHH SO RAD.

I think my priorities this year are skewed. I'm more excited about the apartment remodel than I am about Nano. Think about that for a moment and shiver with terror, as Nanowrimo ranks ABOVE DIET PEPSI in raw excitement level. You do not want to see my design elements scrapbook. TRUST ME.


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