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This stomach flu is ridiculous, you guys. I've lost seven pounds since Monday, my taste buds are on crack, can't sleep at night (and only manage bursts of 2 hours, if that, when I do), and the act of walking five feet winds me.

So yeah, that's  been happening!

And none of it matters because the good news is today I started recovering enough to sit up in bed! Yay! Victory! Which means...

FUCK YEAH GIANTS AND DS9 CATCHUP! Which I have learned actually go pretty well together, since Deep Space Nine is very baseball friendly :DDDDD. Z YOU SHALL HAVE MY DS9 THOUGHTS WHEN IT DOESN'T TAKE ME SIX HOURS TO TYPE UP SHORT ENTRIES :DDD.

Speaking of baseball...

Someone put up a print of Ruben's Run! Arguably the most ridiculous base running ever! Seriously, go watch this. Ahh, I will never have a use for such a print, but that totally made my day XD.

Cracked Out Tastebuds! A snippit of my investigation for SCIENCE! with Fly XD )
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1. Mucinex extra strength really is as awesome as advertised. 

2. Midnight shifts continue to suck; adding freezing rain to the mix just makes the whole endeavor infinitely more failicious.

3. Naruto actually makes sense when you are running a fever. This latest chapter is hilarious

4. Soup is the fifth best invention of mankind. Add in some cornbread and I almost feel human again! 

5. I have become obsessed with the Alice miniseries. Paragraph of rambling babbling :D )
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I knew it was going to be cold returning home today from the store, but I did not expect to fall twice victim to the dastardly black ice while on the phone canceling my planned 24 hour adventure in Palo Alto. I very nearly stabbed my eye out with the iphone on the second incident, because apparently all this time in California has ruined me for icy adventures. I use to skate on this stuff back in Oregon in my sketchers! Oh how the less than mighty have fallen. And do not worry, I fell on the amply padded thigh and do not even appear to have bruises forming. Huzzah for fat? X3

Aunt #3 is heroically venturing down to Santa Clara to bring me groceries, pick up meds, and drop off new boots (Costco apparently has fake uggs?), so it is doubtful I'll be sojourning outside until Thursday late night, as Kol is stupid and did not realize my Friday/Saturday shifts began at 12am, not 12pm. Oh woes, oh woes. At least by then I'll surely be feeling better :D.  

Will update later with further amusements as I encounter them. But first, sleep <3.  
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My attempt to backdoor an LJpost on dreamwidth works! *____*

VLOG: In which Kol rambles on the crazy weather and being super sick! Also features me begging people to spam with what they want done since I'm home sick anyway (drabbles/posts/whatever!), and a special note on how everyone at CC is and forever will remain awesome. I love you guys <3.
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The exhaustion is making me turn into a self defeatist emo Kol and I don't know how to fix anything. Should I just go to sleep and write 14K tomorrow? Because I know anything I do tonight is going to just make me cry from the sheer awful and I can't bring myself to open the novel, anyway.

... but I also know that it isn't likely I'll have that spark of genius tomorrow and will be just as overwhelmed by the awful first draft.

This is what happens when you only have two days off all month. EMO KOL IS NO FUN, SHOULD I RESTART BRAIN? Y/N?
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I did not fall down the escalators post-midnight shift! It was a very productive overnight, in that I knocked back about 12 hours of shipment over 6 hours, 15 minutes of processing time. What makes that number all the more striking is what happened during the overnight, which those of you who follow my twitter already probably know. In short Kol = not of good health )

But I can rest now, once brain decides to shut off, as I don't have to go back into the store until Sunday night <33.
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I think my nose is trying to explode. I hate you sinus infection just go away already X0!

ALSO WHY IS IT ALMOST NOVEMBER. I AM NOT READY. Someone invent a time remote so I can hit pause for a few days to catch up X0.
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You know, leaving work at 2AM is great and all for avoiding traffic, but when coupled with sinus meds really impairs your ability to walk down escalators. Or in my case, facilitates falling down the escalator. It was probably a good thing I was putting my helmet on already X3. (And yes it was only the last six or seven steps, but still, ouch).

Other war wounds of the night: cut across the back of my right hand (and I do mean across all of it-- it took two bandaids to cover tonight) , another mysterious cardboard cut across my left wrist, three bruises on my legs from moving evil storage bars, and cardboard burns on my right arm. I'm so sick and tired of cardboard X0000.

I don't want to go into work at noon. Someone save me ;_______;
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Yeah I'm sinking off into shameland now, but first an update!

Mum has a sinus infection and guess whose head feels as if there's a billion fluid ounces of pain wedged inside? Got what feels like a nasal drip going, no cough, and only a mild baby fever, so it can't be too serious... but the roof of my mouth hurts and honestly I haven't been sick that much this year so a wee bit of pain and I'm just a lame wreck of a Kol. Crashed this afternoon for a good three hours and felt a bit better, so hopefully sleeping tonight.

And in sadface news, Aunt #6 is coming over tomorrow to pick up the old bike. She's going to try and fix it up for herself, and a part of me is whining because I'm not ready to let it go, even if it is old and busted. I've had it since I was 12 and that bike has saved me more times than I'll ever admit. But she'll have use for it so I know I should be relieved it will be getting a new home. But... the grabby fingers don't want it to gooooo ;___;

I feel achy and confused so I guess it is time for more Benedryl and sleep. Here's hoping whatever is going on in my sinuses decides to move out tomorrow *__*
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Anyone have experience with magnesium deficiencies? Mum's convinced* that's causing my recent non-allergies health issues, and after a short googlefu & nutritional information hunting, I discovered I only ingest between 3-20% of the daily intake**. Further Kol Dietary Fail.

Even if I don't have a magnesium deficiency I need to get that level up so I don't have problems in the future. And since March is unofficially Operation Defatting By Full-Scale Diet Attack, I am implementing Project: Eat More Magnesium & Protein Rich Foods and am throwing up this entry to suggestions on how to inject both into my diet (yay recipe times!).

Three things to note: I'm on a budget, cooking is limited to Toaster Oven/Microwave/Electric Skillet/Crock Pot, and I have a lot of really lame food sensitivities.*** I love cooking experiments, though, and if you guys challenge me I promise to post results! Remember the edible shepherd's pot pie made using only the microwave? XD

post footnotes & why last night was not a good night XD )
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