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This stomach flu is ridiculous, you guys. I've lost seven pounds since Monday, my taste buds are on crack, can't sleep at night (and only manage bursts of 2 hours, if that, when I do), and the act of walking five feet winds me.

So yeah, that's  been happening!

And none of it matters because the good news is today I started recovering enough to sit up in bed! Yay! Victory! Which means...

FUCK YEAH GIANTS AND DS9 CATCHUP! Which I have learned actually go pretty well together, since Deep Space Nine is very baseball friendly :DDDDD. Z YOU SHALL HAVE MY DS9 THOUGHTS WHEN IT DOESN'T TAKE ME SIX HOURS TO TYPE UP SHORT ENTRIES :DDD.

Speaking of baseball...

Someone put up a print of Ruben's Run! Arguably the most ridiculous base running ever! Seriously, go watch this. Ahh, I will never have a use for such a print, but that totally made my day XD.

Cracked Out Tastebuds! A snippit of my investigation for SCIENCE! with Fly XD )
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Anyone have experience with magnesium deficiencies? Mum's convinced* that's causing my recent non-allergies health issues, and after a short googlefu & nutritional information hunting, I discovered I only ingest between 3-20% of the daily intake**. Further Kol Dietary Fail.

Even if I don't have a magnesium deficiency I need to get that level up so I don't have problems in the future. And since March is unofficially Operation Defatting By Full-Scale Diet Attack, I am implementing Project: Eat More Magnesium & Protein Rich Foods and am throwing up this entry to suggestions on how to inject both into my diet (yay recipe times!).

Three things to note: I'm on a budget, cooking is limited to Toaster Oven/Microwave/Electric Skillet/Crock Pot, and I have a lot of really lame food sensitivities.*** I love cooking experiments, though, and if you guys challenge me I promise to post results! Remember the edible shepherd's pot pie made using only the microwave? XD

post footnotes & why last night was not a good night XD )
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I hope you don't mind, Charis, but I decided to turn the drabble prompts from way back into art prompts. Which means I've started drawing out sketches for an *actual finished piece* I'll probably have done by the end of the month. My concept sketch, second of a billion sketches. Yes. I did put Zuko in Kira-wear. MUAHAHA. I need to learn how to draw guys. This is getting ridiculous. Also: a Sokka = Shuhei pic. I was going to put him in as Renji but... um... it was too obvious? And editing to add a Toph. CANNOT STOP ME XD

In further novel procrastination, I approve of the Morning Star Veggie Bites. Downed four of the Spinach Artichoke bites earlier and they filled me up. I am amazed!

Now for dinner and then I return to my attempt to hit 10K (I'm just under 3.3, so this is a lot of work) on the novel.
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10 things I did for happy on hiatus )

And now I'm going to take a moment to reason with my stomach before it explodes from happy!fooding *___*. And I check on one of my housemates-- she had to go to the ER this morning because she couldn't breathe. Poor thing has a corporate visit tomorrow and she can't come into work. I did go in to help out at her store today after working at MY store, only to face.... her back room flooding with 3" of fast moving suspiciously not-clear water.

Totally going to buy a lotto ticket tomorrow.
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Chimi Editing Day 1:Colorized editing notes ftw! )
& Obligatory Chimi Art Dump:

Bunches more behind cut )

Are you hungry? The Apple Stuffing I made for Black Friday at work:
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Whole Foods Run:LIST OF AWESOME )

So tonight I am chilling out, listening to the Live Free or Die Hard commentary, drinking a glass of Gewurztraminer, and actually working on the novel. Which I might have changed the name, because the Prep is no longer called Spellbrooke, so the title doesn't really work anymore XD

But yes, today is definitely a delicious day off <3.


Nov. 14th, 2007 12:43 am
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Who knew? Jell-o instant pudding and soy milk don't mix together. ... But I still ate the sludge that resulted >D.

Dieting rant: Sodium, Food-Amnesia, 130 Cal Chai Latte Bliss )
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THE DELICIOUS. More pictures up on flickr.

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Sep. 17th, 2007 07:18 pm
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Had a wonderful lunch at Cheesecake factory. In fact, it turned into my afternoon snack and dinner as well. Potstickers and Tacos-- a marvelous duo, although I did break my calorie count by 200 calories-- and didn't burn them off. Oops.

But I think reaching 185 allows me ONE DAY ONLY of slight excess. Tomorrow? No excuses. NOT ALLOWED.

Two posts up at INK today: Manuscript Day, Part One and Part Two. Today saw the completion of 19 Manuscript Pages, over 4,000 words, and almost all of chapter one. In short: ROCK ON. Now, to continue the day's success (and correct the failures) tomorrow...
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I have made the most awesome meatballs EVER. NO ONE CAN TOP MY MEATBALLS. ALL YOUR BALLS ARE BELONG TO ME.
  • 1/2 of a 1.25 LBS Jennie-O LEAN Ground Turkey container
  • 1/4 cup of cinnamon apple sauce (I had no eggs! I needed something sticky!)
  • 2 pieces of toast, heavily burnt and crumblized
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder mixed with various powdered herbs (Parsley, Onion, Bell Peppers, etc etc)
Roll together, split into 18 delicious meatballs, cook for 7-13 minutes (depends on oven) at 350, and you have delicious falicious meatballs. I WANT TO EAT THEM ALL NIGHT LONG.

I used the rest of the meat and made ground turkey (with everything but the apple sauce) and OMG SO GOOD.

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After the experience of Chai and the various Black Teas, Tazo's Green was a bit of a disapointment. While I appreciate the vaguely minty but definitely refreshing taste it has left in my mouth after finishing the cup, the tea itself was weak. After all those Chai and Black teas I've had lately, I was expecting more of the same, with a full taste that totally masks the water. This? I was keenly aware of the water, that's how weak the tea was! No wonder the girls at VS who order Green Tea throw in 2 tea bags and a bunch of honey!

And after five minutes on hold, I found out that VS is keeping my on-call tonight, so I won't be home until 9. So, I'll have five and a half hours instead of four, but... I really was hoping they didn't need me at work today at all. Now I have to figure out what to do for the next hour before I hike it down to the store.

(Lunch today: my special hashbrowns (let us just say hummus and peanut oil is involved) and lean fake!hotdogs finished off with the tea. Will be brining a Chai tea to stay awake at work tonight XD)
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It feels like the end, but my day has just begun. Relatively speaking, anyway-- I lurched out of deep sleep at 10, the brain apparently made the decision to rip me out of terribly odd dreams involving people I went to middle school with and hordes of zombies in Carmel. It was possibly the oddest dream I've had in ages, once again proving that when I sleep with my feet towards the door I have horribly weird dreams, and if I sleep the other way I have absolutely no dreams.

After lurching awake, it took a good two hours for my brain to click on. There was a lot of 'garr' and 'grrr' and 'wtfsundae' emerging from the semi-permanent yawn plastered on my face, but trying out the new Tazo tea managed to make me a little more human. Until I saw my hair and deevolved to a proto-kolmonkey, but that's another story that thankfully has been brushed out.

Tazo Chai had an interesting taste, full of aromatic spices, but was not as tasty as the other Tazo Black Tea's I've been trying out. Awake is my favorite tea of the moment, but I'll have to give Tazo Chai another try when I have milk on hand, because apparently you are suppose to add such a thing to tea. My only other experiences with Chai have been my BFF in the dorms ordering nonfat, skim-milk chai's in her high pitched accent, and the Monkey Chai one of my aunts is terribly fond of, which I refuse to try because it looks, in its original form, suspiciously like powdered bird poo.

Also, today is day 20 with no Diet Pepsi. I was hit with a powerful craving yesterday at Safeway, so strong I could literally taste the rolling sweetness in the back of my throat in what can only be described as 'gleegasm on isle three.' Instead, I picked up some ham. My next weigh-in is going to be in the middle of October, so we'll see how well the change in lifestyle is working, but... I feel much better than I did in the beginning of the month. Maybe having my hours cut really was a good thing after all.


Sep. 8th, 2006 09:47 pm
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I felt very weak at work today, and about 3/4ths of the way through my shift developed a massive headache. I took some tylonal and just felt totally numb-- in a bad way-- which I realized was because I took it on a pretty much empty stomach. By the time I got home around 8:30 my headdache was fading, and I sat down to eat some soup and felt almost totally better. I thought it was odd until I realized that until that soup, all I'd had today was 350 calories-- my Lean Cuisine and a pudding cup-- and my stomach was use to getting 75-80% of my caloric intake before 6:30. And 7 was when my headdach really got brutal.

I'm eating a Slim Fast bar just to make sure that headdache doesn't come back *___*. I still feel pretty weak, so I think I'm going to call it an early night and just go to sleep.
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Amazing. My fridge has food in it, what a revelation! It even has a coveted batch of broccolini, which is impossible to find in Safeways, but just happend to appear in my cart for 2.99. Thank you cart faerie!

Tomorrow I'll definitely have a great dinner-- a sweet potato, meatloaf, and broccolini make for YUMYUMTIME! I also picked up some Lean Cuisine's at 4 for 10 bucks-- beats having to deal with the insanity of Panda Express tomorrow! It also ensures that I'll bring both water bottles tomorrow instead of just going for a soda midshift like I have been doing lately ;). I also snagged some cute mini-sandwich bags, which I promply filled 7 with snack-portions of the wheatthins I grabbed on sale, and some cinnamon apple sauce. It was a good haul today XD

Other than the food expedition after work, I feel icky. Not sick icky, but bleh all the same. I can't take a nap (or I'll just never go to sleep tonight), but I don't feel like doing much of anything. Maybe I'll go bug housemates :D
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