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So, you guys all know when I'm exhausted I have the most wacked out dreams ever. Today was no exception. And it featured: FIGURE SKATING. This was obviously a product of talking with Pixie before I crashed, thinking about figure skating all night, and the realization that one of my coworkers looks like Mr. Weir. XD )

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Happiness is checking your bank account, only to find it double what it was the last time you checked. Thank you 2010, I love you very much and here you are only 12 hours old <3.

I am the supreme dork so it should come to no surprise that I jumped off the couch today after I woke up, springing into the new year. I couldn't help it, though-- there is so much promise around me I can hardly contain my glee. This is going to be a fabulous year, and I'm so happy I was able to welcome it in with the best of people. ILUKINGDOMPEEPS<333.

The wrist is doing quite well today, so I think I will manage my frantic SAS prep shift tonight without the brace. The tiny vacation has done my body and soul quite good-- I feel calmer, more centered, and well able to handle what lies before me. After several hours of deliberation, I wrote my first entry of the day in the brightest moleskine, and have begun fixing my journal tags ^.^;;. I dream of crack. Delicious movie crack )
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Just woke up from TWO spectacularly weird dreams! My dreams, let me show you them )

My brain is a super weird place sometimes all the time.
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I had a dream 'last night' I raised Goat-Fox hybrids on my parent's property in Oregon. They were the cutest things ever omg *____* Also? I was a former Super Sentai pilot, but it was one of those secrets everyone knew and was protecting me against the anti-Sentai rule going on. I never actually *saw* the robot/vehicle, though, which is a big shame *___*.

My dream! Rival!boy, Super Sentai Adventures on my parent's property, and I go in disguise as... Neve?! )

But seriously, someone tell me what the dream meant. It was probably my favorite dream next to the MS!Godzilla one I had years ago!
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IT WAS WEIRD. Another MS dream, except the characters were in the Avatar world and sometimes my parents house in Oregon. CRACKED OUT DREAM BEHIND CUT )___;.
I had a nightmare last night that a demon was sitting on my kitchen counter. Is this a sign I need to do dishes? XD

Instead of celebrating Nanowrimo win on Day 11, I spent yesterday moping about the recent weight gain. Today brought a better mood, and a resolution I will keep-- Tuesday is my first weigh-in. I need the week gap, because I still can't manage any formal exercise with my knees right now. But I did make it all the way to work on the bike today! Yay! Small steps!

The other dream I had? Me rolling in delicious waffles.

... my subconscious has issues.
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I was a good girl and went to bed around 9. And then I jerked out of a really awesome dream, and I couldn't figure out what woke me up. I did the usual check (bathroom/change into cooler clothes/check internet headlines), but, nothing o.0;;. So I'm guzzling down some Orange Juice to see if that helps and then heading back to bed. Because I, like an idiot, agreed to go into work REALLY REALLY EARLY on my day off. >.<.

One of you guys needs to go to work with me so I will stop agreeing to things like this XD.


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