Jan. 3rd, 2008 11:52 pm
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I wrote my first Toph fanfic, Sin of Living over at [ profile] xdfics. I really need to learn to edit before I post fics *hangs head*.

Experiment: going to try making spaghetti. I haven't tried it yet, wary of being able to chew it with front teeth only, but if I managed a hamburger, surely I can manage a serving of spaghetti?

Because truth be, I'm getting a little tired of soup XD.
I'm so sorry I bailed on everyone today. I got home around 2:30, crashed at 3, and didn't wake up again until 8 *___*. I SUCK YOU GUYS.

This is tempered, however, with 179.5 pounds today! *hyperventilates from excitement* I finally broke 180 today! :D!

And that isn't even the best part: My bra was crazy loose today, so I put on one of the DD bras. AND IT FIT. I AM NO LONGER A TRIPLE D YOU GUYS. *THROWS A PARTY OF GLEE!!!*

In more XD news, I finally posted a fic over on the fanfic journal ([ profile] xdfics), based on a prompt from the 31_days community. Even the Dead Can't Escape Destiny, my first 'published' Battlestar Galatica fanfic. VERY VERY ROUGH, I only wrote it in 40 minutes, so it hasn't had any polishing yet. I have plans for continuing with the story later on in the month :D. I'm still working on my Toph and Supergirl fics from the first two days of the month for 31_days. :D

And finally, RPGS FTW. I am having so much fun <3!!!!!
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Because you know Dee's not going to look at Galen for the first time and see a guy out of a romance novel...

In the Midst of the Crowd:

DeeDee was late. Sodding hell, she hated being late. It was always something these days, since that awful night at the tube. But today, she wasn't going to let any of that freak show stop her. Not today. Dee shoved her way through the mass of people, cursing whoever decided it would be a good idea to have a naffin' party right there in the bloody street. Vicious glares, hot enough to melt a zombie, were cast at any who dared not give way to her.

She just couldn't miss that train--

Her feet stopped before her brain connected the dots and came up with HIM, slouching right in front of her! The face right out of her blasted dreams, memories, of which he'd been in, always there, always bloody there, that face attached to a sodding giant that always towering above her, arms always poised to sweep her from harms way. Or cuff her a good one for being right stupid.

Insides shrank, twisting and tearing, as her posture curled within itself; she emerged five years old, with eyes only for HIM.

"Uncle Asiel?!" Her shock spilled from gapping mouth as she took every inch of him in, remembering, just superposed over a body fresh before her, as mind and soul argued themselves torn; to hug or to run the hell away. Especially after France.

But Dee did neither, facing burning as her lips closing around a teenager's mocking, defensive laugh. "My God, you look like a gorilla!"
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I've had this work in progress for a while and decided to throw caution to the wind and post the damned thing. It still needs work but, meh. Basically, Dee = doubting Thomas; it takes her a while to really believe the whole Angel thing. She's not the smartest kettle of fish out there, what can I say. XD

But she wondered if buying a gun and using that to fight zombies would be kosher; a lantern just wasn’t a proper zombie killing weapon.
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Well, I went and did it. Here's chapter one of my Luna Lovegood Saves the Day fanfic, my cracklicious take on HP7. The writing is rough, sorry <3!

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24 is starting out pretty well. My eye is better, and... just a few minutes in and I got my first present: Conan on Leno! Unfortunately I can't stay up to watch it all, but... that's what TiVo is for! Hurrah! Double the Conan tonight!

And in the grand tradition of birthdays being a community celebration, I'm pledging drabbles! Post a comment with fandom and characters and a prompt and I'll try and follow with fic. Crossovers are fun (remember Krum fic with Santino cameo?!), too! :D.

The more requests the merrier-- feel free to do multiple ones!

THE LIST (if you want something else, post a comment and I may be able to do it!).
Fandoms: Hot Fuzz, Psych, Harry Potter, Pretender, BtVS-Angel, Alias, Heroes, Inu Yasha, Smallville (Chloe centric? Chollie,Chlark XD), SG-1(Daniel or Vala only though), X-men (movie verse +Gambit), Battlestar Galatica, Batman (esp Batman Begins verse), The 10th Kingdom, Blade (3rd movie, esp. Hannibal King XD), Underworld,  Indiana Jones, Wolf Lake, Sky High, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (memory hazy, but still love Peter!), Robin Hood (TV show-- haven't tried writing this yet XD), Austin Powers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (be gentle XD), Kevin Smith verse (haven't watched Clerks 2 yet, prefer Dogma),  Sleeping Beauty & Mulan & The Little Mermaid (Disney), Tad William's Memory Sorrow Thorn, Sailor Moon, Muppets, M*A*S*H (TV show), and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Someone PLEASE request that >D.
Games: ANCD, MS, GK (You know you want Loni fic, Fly!), LS, MOT, VR are the only games I feel comfortable drabbleing right now ;).


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