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SUPER late 31_days fic for April 19, Taking time out to forget AND sort of unfinished at that. I cut the last 300 words off-- trust me, it works better. Might add more to this later on, I like the concept, and this forgotten drabble doesn't do the topic justice. Because honestly, these kids really aren't going to escape from the situation without some emotional scars-- and sometimes, it really is more than just the boy.

I’m not a rock, I just crush them )
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She, Alone
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: Um, mention of gore? Character Death?
Challenge Fic: For the 31_days prompt, 2: All this leads to one outcome

Note: Cheated and split fic into 3 parts. Have finished the middle part, so you WILL be getting that as soon as the prompt comes up ;). Fic inspired by this piece of Bleach fanart.

... the tattered ends curling in the wind.  )Author's Notes, Spec, & Call-backs )
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This post stands as the official directory for Road of a Blank Verse fics. I tend to write out of order, so this serves as a way to read the story in chronological order if you wish.

What is Verse? An Avatar AU. + A bunch of other stuff XD )

Aang's Departure

The Vapor Sequence
1. The Lost
2. Cling to Hollow Hope
3. Doubly Beaten
4. Find thy Rescue
5. Before Adventure Begins

The Swamp Sequence
6. The Sunken Pier
7. Lost My Heart and In Omashu (occur at the same time)
8. The Mystery of Toph
9. We Flee in Style
10. The Swamp Consumed
11. We Caught Ourselves an Avatar

The Ice Sequence
12. Chains of Pebble Stone
13. Bind the Princess and the Bandit
14. Clad in a Thousand Stars
15. All the World Falls
16. Before the Promise of the Moon

1. The Burning Throne
2. Neither Sun Nor Winter
3. Vows Earth to Water

As you might have seen, each of the sequences titles can be read as a line (chains of pebble stone bind the princess and the bandit, the lost cling to hollow hope, find they rescue before adventure begins, etc). If you read carefully, you can tell exactly what the endgame is. Particularly with regard to pairings. XD

Cast of Characters (includes spoilers)
Main POV characters (listed in order of story importance) )
Minor characters )

Q&AI'd have FAQ here, but I doubt anyone would ask any questions XD )
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Life Doesn't Have An Ending, 31_days fic for May 15, His dreams have lost some grandeur coming true.

Author's Note: This is a speculative fic, written before we had finale spoilers, of what happens AFTER the war is over, particularly Toph's way of handling the gaang breaking up. I think her reaction to it would be fascinating, so I decided to write how I saw the situation out.

Toph can feel the sky cold and damp pressing against her skin and knows the touch for night. )
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Title: Numbed Depths
Fandom: BSG
Challenge Fic: For 31_days (LATE I KNOW) from Apr. 11's prompt, On usefulness and the passage of time . Takes place before Lee visits Kara. I'm giving up on the fic and just want it up already, efforts to make sense be damned XD

Lips press against skin, softness scraping across the dry and cracked lines.  )
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Title: Neutral Jin #1: Waiting
Fandom: Avatar.
Rating: PG?
Challenge Fic: For 31_days, "lemon-flavored kisses"

The sky slips into the ocean, but Toph remains on her ledge, the perfect student of neutral jin. )
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Fic last updated Feb 16th (Read the original version here)

Title: Road of a Blank Verse (Chapter Two: Cling to Hollow Hope)
Summary: Kyoshi Island prepares for the Water Sages arrival, Sokka turns his back on his father, and Katara is trapped in the Water Sages vessel. How can  hope exist in such dire times?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. <3
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This fic was last edited Feb 8th. If you'd like to read the January 30th version of the chapter, it can be found here.

Title: Road of a Blank Verse
Summary: The world has changed, and that which went wrong has been righted. A very different gang must find one another-- and the lost Avatar-- before everything falls apart.
Author's Note: Verse is an AU fanfic, centered on a world in which Aang summoned a terrible power and returned to his past. Forever separated from his friends, Aang manages to saved his people and the rest of the world against the threat of the Fire Nation. Years pass, and Aang worries of the threats his friends will face without him-- especially the return of a pesky comet. Verse is the story of the Avatar's once friends as they try to save the world in the Avatar's absence. There are a few original characters, but the story focuses on Sokka, Katara, and Toph.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. <3
The blizzard entered before him— winds and snow battling past, papers catching flight, the study’s bulging shelves threatening to buckle against the vicious attack.  )
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Title: The Midnight Guru
Day/Theme: Day 27; the private wound is deepest
Series: Avatar
Character/Pairing: Sokka & Toph (Friendship)
Words: 1,445

Even a fic about Sokka ends up about Toph, lol )
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Title: A Ring, But Not For Her
Day/Theme: Day 21; this is the very ecstasy of love
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character/Pairing: Toph/Sokka. YES I DID.
Summary: Sometimes, if you truly love someone, you have to let them go. And sometimes, your wildest dreams come true...

Their love isn't the stuff of destiny, but something stronger, deeper; it is satisfying to the girl, who likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground. And sometimes the air crackles between them, love nearly tangible, and she can't help but hope. They are friends-- best friends-- and why can't they be something more? )
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Title: Sin of Living (while betters failed)
Summary: After battle, Toph seeks a celebration of a different kind.
Prompt: 31_Days, #3: A Mountain of Violent Sins
WC: 813
It was night, Toph guessed... )
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