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Home, that is!

The Flight Home.

State upon return:
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Today was my last morning in Maui, and I was sad to see it go. Such a beautiful day! So many beautiful days. I'm going to miss this place dreadfully.

Our flight leaves at 9pm Maui/12am Pacific; this means flying throughout much of the night. I don't know how well I'll be able to sleep on the plane, even with a nightmask, so I will probably not be alert and ready to go until much later in the day tomorrow. But I don't have to go back to work until the 1st, so I will have plenty of time online for a change <3
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edit: the photos have moved to phollery.

I don't have all the photos up, but here's the link to where they will be at: http://sketchy.suniver.net/photoz/V07/

I haven't transfered the May 16-21st ones yet, but they will probably be up sometime late tonight (well, Hawaii time-- it will be tomorrow by the time I get them finished!). The ones for the 22nd include our Hotel Walk, where I got some exotic birds and flower shots. :D
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At six (maui time), I woke up to discover I felt awesome. Yay! The heat stroke was mostly gone! Unfortunately I did discover I still had a fever and my tonsils were swollen, but those are tiny tiny details. The important thing was I was in Maui! And I wasn't dead yet! YAY. MAUI WEE.

We decided to try and boot up Lappy and see if the cord we bought yesterday to replace my camera's cord would work. But Lappy was dead. Deadder than a doornail. Eventually a prompt came up saying the laptop couldn't reognize an operating system. We decided to leave it and worked on it today, and after beating it in the harddrive a few times, voila! Lappy is up and running!

But it doesn't recognize the internet due to a busted wireless card, so I have to go online on my aunt's laptop. We're transfering things on a jump drive, so this actually works out pretty well. I'm working on finishing Akemi for CC, got a brilliant idea for Hippo Girl for MS, and working on two reviews at once. Which is awesomecakes.

After an awesome workout, we came back and decided we wanted lunch. So I'll have photos up after that. We're going to storm the Hyatt for pictures whil totally carrying McDonalds (they have a totally weird menu over here!) with us, so there will be about 40 or so awesome pics of that :D.

You guys totally have to come storm Maui and get some onions here. BEST THINGS EVER. I wonder if I can ship them out at the post office, all ninja like >D
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I'm not stressed, just very sick. I didn't get heat stroke, but it was pretty close-- I started to black out when we got into the car for the last time and only made it inside where we're staying long enough to collapse with a wet towel on my head. Me and heat? Clearly don't mix.

It was a great flight, but I've been sick the whole time we've been here, so.... more tomorrow when I'm not getting dizzy on the computer typing this out!

Will try for pics tomorrow with cord we found at a radio shack...
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Mildly tramatic flight from Portland, but somehow managed to survive and make it to my Aunt's  house! Oregon was nice, but being in an RV with a 5 year old and my parents for two and a half days was not. Thankfully I only left one thing behind.

Unfortunately, it was the USB cord for my camera. So I have absolutely no way to get the photos off my camera. We'll figure out something once we get on the island. There has to be a tech shop over there somewhere that has a device to read a camera drive.

Have to head off now, as we'll be leaving in six and a half hours for the airport and I still need to take a shower. And for those of you keeping track, this will be my third airport security run since Wednesday as well as my third United flight (United 35). Frequent flyer miles much? XD
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Not as much as it could be. I did a test run of my small suitcase... and it is totally jam packed full, so I'm going to have to go through and make clothing choices. I can't fit my hats in! This cannot be! So... do I really need 13+ shirts? XD. Granted I have a ton of undershirts, because I'm back to being huge on layering...

... Huh, I just realized something. This is the first time I think I've ever packed for ANY kind of a trip, sleepover, etc without packing a pair of jeans. I hope this doesn't blow up in my face in the Oregon half of the trip, when I *do* have to work in the shop XD.

Gah, I just realized I forgot to include sleepwear. Definitely am going to have to take somethings out >.<.  What I wouldn't do for Ikiro's never-ending pouch right now, just in suitcase size!
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First of all, Paintshop Pro is working on George, so as long as I don't go too crazy on the brushes I can use it for arts. YAY. This icon would have come out so much better in photoshop though ;___;


Alright, to redeem myself for being so freakishly consumer oriented tonight, here are the promised Puppy Pics:

And that is all for tonight XD
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VACATION ANNOUNCEMENT: I am finally going on vacation in May! I booked the tickets for the Oregon half of my trip today. I'm flying to Medford on the 16th and staying at my dad's in GP from the 16th-19th, which means I'll be available for IMing on kolicious2. I'll be in Portland the 19th-20th, staying mostly in Hillsboro, and then I'll be flying from Portland to San Francisco on the 20th. I'll be at my aunt's in Palo Alto that night, and then we fly out of SFO at 9AM for... MAUI. AHH. MAUI. I will totally have barely any AIM time or even internet time, though, so I'll probably have to go on mini!hiatus then. I'll get back on the 29th, and will be back in Santa Clara on the 30th.

I will totally be spamming you guys with pictures XD.

Writing Bits: Suds is still coming along! I would be done by now, except I had to go back and redo the first half of the novel because I accidentally started in completely the wrong place. Oops! This seems to be a reoccurring problem ;). Lovell hit a big plot snag ten pages in, so I'm still pondering that project before I continue. I've been doing pretty good, consistent writing for 1-2 hours a night, and that has helped a lot with non-rpg projects! Unfortunately, it means I'm not at my computer as much, so less AIM even with George working. Mostly.


  • I gave up on Grey's Anatomy and Lost again ;___;, but I got back into Battlestar Galatica.
  • Netflix is awesome you guys. I would totally join a Netflix cult and have Netflix's baby. XD
  • I'm totally addicted to Yoplait Whips, too.
  • My Giants are losing horribly ;____; STUPID DODGERS.
  • I get to see the puppies two days before my birthday, on the 26th! YAY FOR ALMOST!BIRTHDAY PUPPIES.
  • I am not ready to turn 24 later this month. I liked being 23, because it is my favorite number ;___;.


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