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I am feeling very fragile as of late, as if I am on the edge of a precipice, getting ready to jump off into the unknown which may be better than this rock I'm clinging too... or it could be much, much worse. Things are not helped by the rabidly escalating sickness I came down with in the middle of the convention-- for everyone else it was a simple cold, but the six or seven days I worked in a row before the convention killed my immune system, and this minor cold went right for the lungs. I'm trying very hard not to let it further fester into a COPD attack, but judging by how low oxygen I was at work today, I have a good chance of facing April sick. Which makes me glad my golden birthday isn't until the end of the month :D. 

The steampunk convention itself was very fun. It was lovely to see Fyre again (although I doubt I stopped talking the entire time ;___;) and I saw a Hawaiian Dalek, which I don't think is a costume anyone at Fanime can top. I did not shop at the dealers rooms or go to any panels, but I don't feel as connected to steampunk as I do the offerings at Fanime, so I really felt no loss there.

And my tax monies came in this weekend, so I can finally begin gathering materials for my Twelve Kingdoms cosplay. I will probably be purchasing a wig next week *__*. 

Progress Notes
  • Completed the rough first draft of She Walks The Stars Reborn. Which is apparently a drabble in eight parts? 
  • 101 words of Deadline At First Light.
  • Survived a six hour shift :D
  • Scribbled down more of the final Coffee Log post at work. Should have the finished post up before the end of the month! 
  • Just turned in my time off request for Fanime <3. So excited to see Charis and Pixie, and to finally meet K!!! WE WILL HAVE THE BEST OF TIMES! Plus, I'm totally bringing the awesome kettle so THE TEA WILL NOT BE DENIED!
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  • Eat breakfast you moron
  • http://m.fanime.com/
  • Don't forget to bring BPAL *or* DVDs
  • Steampunk panel was canceled SO SAILORMOON PANEL A-GOGO
  • Be totally packed by noon
  • Charge your phone AND camera
  • Go get ace bandage in the morning
  • Remember to elevate ankle. Just because it is doing better today doesn't mean you are healed
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Notice: As things tend to shift around during Fanime, this schedule is focused primarily on Thursday, Day Zero. Schedule! Of Roughness! )My fanime is going to be interesting if this sprained ankle doesn't get better XD
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Have registered for Fanime hotel room! By the time I got the go-head from the Aunt, though, the Thursday-Monday at the Hilton were all booked up, so I'm going to keep trying to sneak Thursday in as we get closer. I'm pretty sure something is going to open up between here and there.

We're having issues with AT&T re: iPhone-- it won't let us check the order! We placed the order during the wee hours of the 31st. I blame 2008 you guys. Angry red text screencap! )

I forgot my debit card today and managed to successfully bike home & eat during my 30m break. I'm so happy bike is (mostly) back, although I still haven't tracked down who actually fixed it yet. <33.
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