Week 3

Jan. 24th, 2016 08:23 pm
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This was very much a week of self-assessment + redirecting energies. Instead of wallowing in frustration, I course-corrected + got myself back on track. Also I walked everywhere, which was nice except for the twin bruises I'm sporting on my arches XD.

Spaceballs (@moms)
The Replacements (@moms)
Star Trek: TNG (season 1 @netflix)
Agent Carter (2.1 + 2.2)
Star Wars: Rebels (2.12)
Bleach (ch 658)
Daughter's Not to Disappear album

Not a lot of entertainment this week-- the two movies I watched at my moms in the background & TNG was on all week as I was heading to sleep at night. Next week I should have 3-4 books on the list-- I started the first Twelve Kingdoms novel & I'm nearly finished with David Eddings' Enchanters' End Game. Did read a couple long fanfics this week, including one Star Wars au where the twins were still separated, but each grew up with a parent. Made me sad-- Padme got such a bad rap in the books, and it made me hyperware of not falling into that trap with Subnatural.

Chow Mein Casserole
California Stir-fry
Several 4-6 mile walks & a 2 mile hike to Lucky's & back

Got back on the breakfast wagon + made some really good food this week! I started to fall off my water wagon, though, and have been slacking on my vitamins. Which I need to go take, thank you for reminding yourself Kol ;)

~2K in Subnatural
~1.5K tone exercise
Terminology + historical research for Subnatural

Trying to decide if my exercises count for GYWO; technically they don't qualify but when have I ever followed rules to the letter of the law XD. Most of my work this week dealt with tone-- the opening segment of the novel isn't right but I think I'm on the right track now, yay.

DISHES!! Got caught up & streak begins anew
Organized intimates + sorted out old
Sorted out more clothes for space saver bags + donations
Cleaned 1/2 of the fridge (spill) + disinfected the whole thing

I GOT BACK ON TRACK WITH DISHES! See, beating yourself up for getting off track doesn't solve anything. Just step back and re-assess and then get in there & get the job done! I'm taking the huge stack of clothes to the donation bin this week, so that is going to help with organizing a LOT.

I've got the closet hanging organizer almost empty & will be putting boxes of clothing in there-- the clothes I can't currently wear in space saver bags, my box of bras I can't wear but should be able to fit into soon, and the box of extra socks. I have a ridiculous amount of socks and they had taken over my intimates drawer; I tossed out a bunch that were pretty icky but a lot of them, like my tights, I just don't wear enough to justify having them take up so much intimates drawer space. So into the closet organizer where I can find them when I need them :D

Had a much better week-- more balance between learning + pushing out the creative. I'm not talking about the job hunt here on purpose (too stressful to list things of that nature), but I have a couple leads that are promising. V. frustrated with turbotax at the moment-- I have to re-file my taxes because of an error on their part generating my return. Federal got rejected for an error that was NOT on my copy of my taxes that I printed out, so hopefully attempt #2 works. If it gets rejected again I'm just going to file with H&R block + just pay the ten bucks for the state. It was very frustrating to have my taxes get rejected for an error that wasn't of my own fault, but I think I handled it pretty well and have a new game plan financially for next month.

Date: 2016-01-26 02:30 am (UTC)
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If you want the Elenium or Tamuli as e-books, I have them.


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