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Jan. 7th, 2016 11:30 pm
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El NiƱo has arrived, the rain both welcome and wearisome. While the precipitation is not constant, it has seemed a steady companion the first week of the year. Goodwill is eroding to the tedium of a pitter-pat drumming against the roof; I keep pushing tasks to another day rather than risk the rain. I am thankful for the rain, but I miss the ease of life beneath clear blue skies.

Steven Universe (Sbomb4)
West Wing (season 7)
SW: Clone Wars (season 1)
Aaron Allston Wraith Squadron (reread)
Dallas Hartwig & Melissa Hartwig Whole30
Writing Excuses (season 1)
SW: The Force Awakens (rewatch)
SW: A New Hope (rewatch)

This week has been equal Star Wars and Steven Universe flailing; the fourth Steven Bomb ends tomorrow, and hopefully with it takes my trolling the tumblr tag for theories & fanworks. And because I am an overachiever, I'm trying to get through all of the seasons of the Writing Excuses podcast before the meetup on the 13th. I had been recced the Whole30 book at the end of last year and although I found it a decent read for a healthy living text, the system itself is not for me. I do enjoy the team behind the Whole30's instagram and will be following that with my new account once I get it set up.

What is my life even.

Garlic Chicken + Rice Soup
quasi-Chicken Cacciatore
California Chicken Stir Fry
Wednesday lunch @ Starbucks

One of the habits I'm nurturing is actually having breakfast each day and that flat of 5 dozen eggs turned out to be an awesome investment! I had intended to make Chow Mein Noodles Casserole on Wednesday, with a reverse-engineered family recipe, but Safeway was out of ingredients and since I was shopping at 10pm I did not want to try my luck at a different location. Will attempt that recipe next week though!

I have not been to the gym yet this week and I would score myself a C- in movement minutes. Yes rain makes going to the gym an annoyance, but that shouldn't stop me from doing cardio indoors. Will be focusing on this quite a bit next week.

Outlining + Brainstorming Subnatural changes
Crochet 2 rows on scarf

Not a very productive creative week, but I'm re-molding Subnatural in my head and want to have the changes sorted out before I start writing again. If Bulletjournal

Deep cleaned both Kitchen AND Bathroom grout
Organized bathroom drawers
Purged expired makeup + meds


All and all a very successful week at sprucing up my habitat + less so with focusing on my creativity. Next week I'm going to continue nurturing my good habits -- breakfast & vitamins every day, washing dishes as soon as I dirty them, 8 glasses of water a day-- and continue to work out how I can correct behaviors that are less helpful.

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This sounds very excellent.


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