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As I've mentioned before, I prefer to make goals for the year instead of resolutions. I've had a decent track record of achieving the yearly goals I make for myself-- and I think one of the reasons is because I try to make sure that each goal is concrete, realistic, and stems from an area of my life that is important to me. My two big questions are: where do I see myself at the end of the year and how will I accomplish that vision?

This year I did much more prep work for 2016, benefitting from more free time AND the sure knowledge that how I start the year is going to set the tone for many years to come. That's why my tag for 2016 is Make It Happen. The question is-- what? What is it that I want to make happen?

The answer is pretty simple: I want to be the best me that I can be. Healthy, positive, purposeful, and passionate. So how do you accomplish that? How do you make SMART goals out of that vision?

If you are me, you divide that goal into 10 areas of focus:
  1. MIND

  2. BODY


  4. WORDS

  5. SELF


  7. JOB



  10. CREATE

And every 90 days I'll have a new set of goals for each area. I've been a member of the 90 Days Goal subreddit for a year now and really like dividing the year into bite size chunks. If you are really growing into your goals, what you need to work on in January shouldn't be the same things you are working on in September. Having 4 sets of 90 days goals allows me to really assess what is going on, nurture the good & prune the bad.

So what am I going to be working on the first quarter of the year?

  1. MIND: (Bullet + CBT) Journal every day

  2. BODY: Healthy CALs in + Burn more CALs*

  3. HABITAT: 1 UFYH 20/10 + Dishes daily

  4. WORDS: 40,677 words by March 31st

  5. SELF: Read 3 challenging** books

  6. FINANCIAL: File taxes before Feb 1st


  8. ADVENTURE: Go to 3 new places

  9. CONNECT: Cut back on mindless media + focus instead on those that requires me to use my voice (slack, DW, instagram, etc)

  10. CREATE: Write + share 1 Fanfic, 1 Sketch, 1 Music Post/OST

* Q1 is about correcting bad habits, not tracking numbers
** By challenging, I am referring to books I've put off because I wasn't "ready" to read them.

At the end of March I'm going to see how everything is going, identify anything that just isn't working, and either drop it or work on fixing it so it does.

One thing that I'm dropping this year-- outside of words, I'm not setting myself numerical goals, ESPECIALLY when it comes to health. What does 10 pounds really mean for a healthier me? How will reading 50 books really help me make my goals when I keep going back to "easy" books to pad the total? The whole thing feels limiting to me and just hasn't really been a net positive. For words, I am still doing GYWO but I dropped down a level + will be focusing on consistent + quality words instead of spamming to hit an artificial amount.

So that's my goals for 2016 so far. What kind of goals do you have?


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