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Music had a major influence on me this year, from helping control anxiety to writing a lot of fiction. I got back into listening to albums in a big way once I got my imac and spent a lot of time on Pandora radio. My 3 big stations were @, @Zoe Keating, and @Missy Elliot. In addition to the music below, favorite albums of previous years that got a lot of airplay this year were Zoe Keating's Into The Trees, the Hunger Games OSTs, Daughter's If You Leave, and the rediscovery of Phantogram.

#1 ALBUM BY LISTENS MØ's No Mythologies to Follow

Contrary to assumption one might have to all the music being listed below, I pretty much just listened to this album for half the year XD. What was really interesting was how much that album led to much broader musical tastes thanks to Pandora's MØ station. Good times were had every time I put it on + I caught a lot of new artists listening to it. A+ for Pandora!

Favorite Albums/Songs for 2015

January - March
MØ - No Mythologies to Follow {Walk This Way}
The Knocks - So Classic {Classic}
Big Data - 2.0 {Clean}

April - June
Hozier - Hozier {Take Me To Church}/{Run}
Florence + The Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful {Long & Lost}
Glass Animals - Zaba {Gooey}/{Pools}

July - September
Zhu - {Faded} (ODESZA remix)
Broods - Evergreen {Everytime}
ODESZA - In Return {White Lies}
Felix Jaehn - Wild Summer 2016 {Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)}

October - December
X Ambassadors - VHS {Renegades}
Birdy - (feat. Rhodes) {Let It All Go}
John Williams - The Force Awakens OST {Rey's Theme}
Missy Elliott - Block Party {WTF (Where They From)} <-- unreleased album

Also Favs
Little Daylight {Overdose}
XOV {Animal}
Purity Ring {Fireshine}
CHVRCHES {By The Throat}
Ghost Loft {Seconds}
Major Lazer (feat Wild Belle) {Be Together}


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