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Books Read

Additionally I read a lot of fanfiction this week. I have no idea how that happened, but I have no regrets because I found a lot of interesting AUs people have put a lot of hard work into, which made me feel better about a couple of my own works.

Games Played

Played a bit more of Don't Starve this week! I am terrible, largely because I went in blind without doing any research, but Sage has been helping with some good suggestions, so I'm hoping to survive my first winter this week. I had a great run as Willow going actually, only to be killed by tentacle in the depths of winter on a mission to collect reeds for a bird cage-- and then promptly respawned too far from flint or basecamp & died for good of cold. Tried a run as Woodie after and couldn't figure out how to get out of werebeaver mode-- died as the beaver and was immediately killed again by hounds. I have no luck XD. I also watched a couple play throughs so I have a better idea of the mechanics. Still no idea how to get out of werebeaver mode though, so I might have to actually visit the wiki :3.

TV SPORTS I freaked over

I bought a premium MLB.TV subscription & have absolutely no regrets! I've watched 2 games from 2013 & have started watching all our wins from 2014. I forgot how beautiful our early run was-- we faced 3 different teams for opening days and trolled them all. Oh Giants <3

Adventures Yet To Come!

Going to a book club meeting later today and am going to totally get an appointment scheduled for my much delayed hair cut. IT IS PAST TIME.

In Retrospect

I fought awful allergies & a lot of fatigue this last week, which led to taking naps after work that have wrecked my sleep cycle. Take Monday for example-- I slept from 9pm-12am (woke up briefly to inform Pixie I had fallen asleep on her in the middle of sending Giants videos) and now I am wide awake and showing no signs of giving into sleep for at least another 3 hours. At least I have today off? XD I'm going back on vitamins and will be resisting the urge to nap this week, so hopefully that will help normalize things.

I wish I was allowed to work out, but I'm still banned until the allergies & foot pain settle down. :/


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