Jan. 16th, 2016

Week 2

Jan. 16th, 2016 10:02 am
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January weather in the south bay continues as grim skies that spit out bits of rain then hangs low in a dreary, surly ceiling that menaces our still-parched hills. I am not fond of January and it is not delighted by my presence, either; I fumble scarves and hats against the bite of wind and a block later the skies are clear and sun-clad and I am roasting and ineptly swaddled-- how does one even use a scarf, anyway?! I need to research scarf arranging tutorials because I have no idea how to work any of my fancier scarves that go with my black trench and feel the fool every time I step outside.

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It is as if the successes + misses for last week switched-- my habitat work faltered as I withdrew utterly into creativity. Course corrected too far one direction and lost sight of what worked the first week I guess! It is easy to wallow in shame over getting behind on dishes, but that does little to root out why and actually fix the situation and it certainly does not get the dishes actually clean. Week 2 is always a difficult time in any kind of lifestyle change because you aren't relying just on passion to motivate you to keep up with the changes-- you have to nurture self-discipline and you need to overcome those lazy urges that want you to just sink back into the easy path of apathy and inaction. So although this was a tough week, it was something I needed to go through to work out what is important and WHY it is important.


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